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DIY vs professionally printed invites

My friend and previous derby team mate Sam (aka Quality Feet) and I have been comparing wedding finds recently because we’re both planning our weddings at the same time (and for a similar number of people). This week we came up against the ultimate dilemma, do you DIY or buy your invites?

Personally I prefer to DIY but then I can design them myself and I like trawling the internet for bargains. I’m just not into the pearl flowers, or butterfly cut outs, or the diamante hearts that you get with the printing companies. I suppose it comes down to the style you want.

Even if you’re not a graphic designer or don’t know one, Wedding Chicks have a generator so you just enter your text and color choice and it creates the most beautiful invitations for you. Plus they also have RSVP, Save the Date and Program templates to match too.

All you’ll need with those is some white card, and envelopes and then you print the finished template at home.

White card is cheap enough, but envelopes can be expensive. I went to a small local stationer and found packs of 20 pink and green envelopes for 60p which is perfect for my colour scheme. If you go for white envelopes they should be pretty low cost, or take a good look on the web for some bargains from sites such as

We’ve read that DIY can cost just as much as going with a professional stationer but when you compare those prices to Confetti where you are looking at about £2 per invite surely it would be cheaper to DIY? Further to that, if we try to create a Confetti invite like for like will it really work out a similar price?

Sam is going for a Peacock theme so I’ve picked the Confetti “Feathers” range; for one invite plus RSVP and envelope they are priced at £2.75. The photo shows the set with a ribbon through a punched hole but you have to buy ribbon and DIY that bit anyway.

Three Beautiful Ivory Cards with rounded corners with stunning aqua foiled feather details on each one, the three cards comprise of Wedding Invitation, Guest Information Card and Printed reply card with reverse detail to act as a postcard reply, the three cards have a top right hand corner hole so they can be tied together with complimenting ivory ribbon. White envelopes and pearl inserts are supplied with this range where applicable.

Here’s how I worked out what a DIYed version would cost:

Peacock feather wedding invitation design = $34 = £21 (divide that by 60 guests = 35p)
Ivory card = 10p (even less if you can fit more than one invite on a page)
White envelopes = 6p
Hole punch = £1.99 (divide that by 60 = 3p)
Rounded corner punch = £4 (divide that by 60 = 6p)
Ivory ribbon (20cm per invite) = 3p
TOTAL = 63p

I’m aware I haven’t included the price of your printing cartridge but these vary so much it was too hard to include it, they could add a lot on to each invite, or nothing (if you can get away with printing at work).

Ok, so the DIY version isn’t foil print but is the foil worth £2+ per invite? For me, the answer would be no. But maybe it is for you. I guess the best advice I can give is if you find an invite you like just price it up and find out whether you can DIY for a fraction of the price.

There are many other lovely invite designs on Confetti with diamante or pearl barets that you might struggle to recreate for cheaper just because buying those elements can work out very expensive but if your ideal design is just a printed graphic with or without a little ribbon detail then consider your options.

On the other hand, Confetti and other professionaly printed stationers do offer a full service so you don’t have to spend 10 evenings cutting and gluing together your invites, maybe that alone is worth the money.

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