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How to save your iPhone battery life

Last month Andy and I went to Berlin for a long weekend and to prevent data roaming charges we switched off 3G and Cellular Data (Settings > General > Network). What I wasn’t expecting was how much that would improve the battery life of my phone! I usually have to charge my phone every day, but by switching off 3G I’m back to a far more reasonable 2-3 days.

You might expect that switching off 3G would prevent you from doing all your usual fun stuff on the go but if you’re like me, you have wifi at home and at work, you don’t need my 3G on in either of those places. You don’t need 3G on while you’re at roller derby practice/swimming/the gym. You don’t need it on while you’re shopping in Asda.

The only time when I regularly use 3G is on the bus on the way home from work (in the mornings I just listen to music), at this time I can switch it on and use it to check my facebook and twitter for those 10 minutes and switch it off again when I get home.

Other times when I might need my 3G are in the car, when we’re lost and need directions. Again, I switch it on and I’m safe in the knowledge that I have plenty of battery to get me to the place where we’re supposed to be and I haven’t been using it all up with push notifications.

The only down side to this I’ve found is that I have to switch Cellular Data back on to listen to my voicemails, but that’s fair, I think!

One more thing

This was a tip I already knew but whenever you close an app on your iPhone by pressing the Home button you are actually just minimising it. You can save a lot of battery life by properly closing apps.

Double press the Home button, this will bring up a row of apps at the bottom of your screen, these are all the apps you have open – there’s even more if you flick left and right. If this is the first time you have done this then all of your apps will be here.

Hold down one of the app icons until it starts to shake (like you do when moving icons around on the home screen). You can now close the apps that you don’t need open. For example, if you flick right to the end you’ll probably see that game you’ve only played once, or your period tracker that you only need once per month. Close them, and bask in your hugely improved battery life.

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