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I haven’t talked much about roller derby yet on the blog, mainly because I’ve been going through a tough time of late, but this week has been a good one so here goes…

Last August saw a big change for me when it came to skating, I injured a ligament in my knee which has taken not too long to heal physically, but a long time to heal mentally. I am only just getting back to skating again.

While I was injured and unable to skate I started to feel league duties weigh heavily on me. The work that I was putting in to roller derby did not equal the enjoyment I was getting out. Of course this wasn’t necessarily down to how the league, or members of it treated me, I just had a lot of responsibility on my shoulders and it felt like all work and no fun, which led to burn out.

This burn out culminated in my resignation from my position as league director. Obviously, not an easy thing to do. At the time I wasn’t sure whether I would be continuing on at all, that’s how burned out I felt, but I did try my hardest to make it easy for the remaining directors, SlamAbama and Nitro Noush. I just concentrated on handing everything over to them by the end of the month, and made it clear that even if I did not carry on with the league I had absolutely no intentions of joining or starting another league.

So, that’s what I did over January (including announcing it to the league at the AGM), and now I am focusing my attention on being a rollergirl again. I still have some responsibilities, but the biggest challenge is getting back into skating after my injury; attending practices but not being considered part of the travel team anymore, having significantly lower fitness levels, and even lacking in tactics knowledge (something I had always been top for before!).

But the reason for this blog post was something that happened last Sunday; Slam and Noush presented me with this necklace to say thank you for all of my work over the past two years. They did it after a Sunday practice, my first full practice in a long time, and I felt this was a huge sign that I over the worst.

Now I can look back and feel proud of the things that I have helped to acheive for the league; fairer policies, improved bout team selection, and the transformation of many of our sub-committees into hard working, slick machines. Looking forward I don’t plan to bout anytime soon, I’ll just be taking it easy but it looks like there is light at the end of this derby tunnel!

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