Christina Sparkle

Chief bridesmaid

My sister has just started blogging at her Costume Design website and has promised some posts on the process of making her own bridesmaid dress.

She has proclaimed herself “chief bridesmaid” and declared me a “bridezilla”. I pointed out that with such a title comes a number of responsibilities. Haha

My sister plans to make a dress following this Simplicity pattern, it will have a plain top and a patterned skirt using the fabric that we picked out together with the mother of the bride.

My choice of colour scheme did make it a challenge to find a nice fabric, especially because my ideal fabric designer, Jessica Jones, doesn’t do anything in a green-pink colour way. However, we happened upon this fabric in a local Fabric Guild sale. The perfect combination of vintage but modern with a simple/Scandinavian style.

If you’re interested in this fabric, it’s part of a range called Savannah and you can buy it online from Ghee’s.

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