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Moving on

Now that things have settled down from my resignation as director I’ve decided to go for head of a sub-committee role. The promotion and recruitment sub-committee in my league currently has a job opening for a head, a role which has been open for a while now.

The vote is up right now for league members to vote for me or to submit a vote of no confidence. Fingers crossed everyone will have confidence in me to take on the role, but a majority vote will win anyway.

In my league we have several sub-committees, but we call them “teams”. We have teams for Events, Coaching, Merch, and so on. None of these things are left to one or two people, there should be a whole team, and everyone in the league is expected to be a member of (and contribute to) two teams.

This ensures the work load is evened out and any time a skater contributes to the league helps them to make it onto a bouting roster (along with attendance, skill, knowledge, etc.).

Team heads are mainly focused on motivating the team members, finding work for them to do and ensuring they get the right credit for whatever time the contribute to the league.

As I’m a web fanatic hopefully this will be the right role for me, lots of social media stuff, making sure the website is awesome and creating graphics with my Derby wife  (who happens to be head of the Creative team).

I also want to focus on improving the local fanbase, getting the dollies in the local newspapers and TV. I definitely think that’s one area that we can improve a lot on. It is a hard thing to acheive, the local media hasn’t been eager to feature us but with the help of Andy who has been writing press releases, reviews, and more I’m hoping we can turn that around.

So, in the future I’m hoping to post here with tips on promoting your roller derby league and whatever other advice I can provide. Comment below if you can think of anything you’d like me to share my experience on.

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