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Wedding brain

Since getting engaged at Christmas I have made a conscious effort to go against the grain. The first books I bought were “The Anti-Bride Guide”, “Off Beat Bride”, “The Anti-Bride Ettiquette Guide” and “The Anti-Bride Planner”. You get the picture.

What those books made me realise is that actually I’m not much of an alternative bride. I’m not going to get all of my guests camping on a hillside for the weekend, nor am I going to set fire to a figure made of hay during the ceremony. It did make me more sure of my ideas though and persuing them until the end, despite any raised eyebrows.

I have realised I fit more accurately into the idea of “Modern Bride”. I was surprised to find that wedding magazines these days reflect the types of wedding that I am inspired by and even encourage the DIY route. Unfortunately local suppliers don’t seem to be quite so modern in their thinking; venues, bridal shops, cake makers – all seem to have the same idea of what makes a wedding.

The trouble I have found is that as soon as you utter the word “wedding” to anyone they seem to get “wedding brain” and you are immediately presented with yards of duchess satin, pastel colours, large floral arrangements, diamantés, regal icing, swirly script fonts, chair covers, organza bows and the rest.

So far I’ve managed to avoid the satin, the diamantés, the icing, the swirly fonts (although outside of wedding planning I am a fan of scripts so these may creep in) and the organza bows. But one thing I don’t seem to be able to avoid is the pastel colours.

It would seem my “alternative” colour choices mean that the only fabric I can find for my bridesmaids is pastel. This of course has rolled on to my decorations, onto my invites, EVERYTHING! PASTELS HAVE TAKEN OVER MY LIFE. Damn pastels.

The next thing I can’t avoid is chair covers. I would love to hire 70 beautifully designed chairs for the day but my budget doesn’t stretch that far and so instead I have to get covers. Covers to hide the conference-style chairs of my venue.

Why a dedicated wedding venue wouldn’t have a more elegant and modern style of chair I don’t know. Probably to feed the businesses of the “recommended suppliers” who can provide you with white covers only (but a full colour selection of organza bows!). And so here I am, Average Bride, with run of the mill colours and the same old chair covers. Not that I’m bitter or anything, and so I shall push on!

*DISCLAIMER: This post may come across a bit grumpy, I want to assure you that overall everything is going very well with my plans. It’s only this particular topic that really gets my goat.*

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