Christina Sparkle

How to write a press release

This week we’ve been working very hard in my little promotion and recruitment team to ensure a great turnout for Blocky Horror. The concept of having mens derby as the main match seems to be attracting a lot of attention, and hopefully that will translate to attendees too. The poster alone has gone down a storm and doubled our Facebook reach.

One piece of advice I have found exceptionally helpful in this promotion cycle is an article from Beat Monkey, a zebra (referee) from Hulls Angels Roller Derby on How To Write A Press Release. He takes you through the absolute basics from writing to formatting through to distributing it.

We’ve had mixed success with press releases in the past but this one was immediately picked up by the Leicester Mercury (our local evening paper) website, This is Leicestershire with only minor edits. I’m hoping that the many likes, shares, tweets and retweets will ensure that we are featured again soon.

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