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Bridal weight loss

Around the time that I got engaged I also saw this video from Sam at Pixiwoo about her recent weight loss. One of my very early thoughts when Andy got down on one knee was that I would try to lose weight ready for the wedding – cos that’s what bride’s do, right? I mean, I can’t say I’m unhappy with my weight and shape; I’ve been the same size pretty much since I was 16/17. But I know once we’ve been married for a few years we’ll been thinking about kiddies and I’m sure my shape will completely change then so I might as well be at my absolute best for my wedding day.

Now, prior to this I have to say the only diet I’ve even mildly tried my hand at is the Roller Derby Workout Challenge which was the January before. That’s a diet based on fueling athletes not for weight loss but armed with the MyFitnessPal app on my iPhone I knew I should at least be able to track what I’m eating. I checked out the Diet Chef website and it seemed to be a good option for me. There is plenty of vegetarian meals to choose from and the package that worked out to be £5 a day would be a lot less than I was paying for food at the time (I’d easily spend £5 at lunch time, let alone other meals!).

I’m now at the end of the three month supply that I signed up for. I don’t plan to do any more months because I’m tired of the food now but it has helped me to consider my portion control and how often I treat myself. The problem is I’ve only lost one stone, I have to say I was expecting more after 15 or so weeks. It’s another two stone for me until I’m out of the “overweight” category according to the BMI chart.

Late last August I tore a ligament in my knee whilst playing roller derby which left me off skates until November. From December until last month I’ve been working on getting my mentality back into being able to jump and leap around on skates again. During that time I put on about a stone in weight due to the lack of exercise and general depressive mood I was in.

So, Diet Chef has helped me to lose the weight that I put on from not skating. My dilemma now is whether I try to lose more. I don’t think my motives are particularly strong, losing weight because that’s what other brides do isn’t enough to keep me focused. I don’t think it will be very easy, it would seem to me that if I put weight on that weight is easy to lose, but the weight I’ve been carrying since a teenager doesn’t want to shift. I don’t even care whether I’m at my current size for the wedding – I’m not one of those girls who hates themselves in photos, I think I’d still be very happy to see photos of myself as I am. I can’t even imagine myself at 10 stone, and a size 10/12 – it seems bizarre to me!

I am sad that I invested so much in a plan which didn’t result in more weight loss but now that I am skating full time again and if I continue to eat sensibly (take it easy on the take aways) then hopefully I will feel a little more trim by the time the wedding comes around and I think that will be enough. Perhaps weight is the wrong way to measure myself, perhaps I’d see more benefit from measuring my waist and hips? But anyway, I don’t want to spend too much of my time thinking about it because after all of this I know, it’s really not worth it.

*Cue the weight loss spam comments now!*

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