Christina Sparkle


Last weeks roller derby bout went very well. We had a good crowd of about 150-180 which is smaller than we usually get but very good to say there were so many other derby events on the same day – one only an hour away. We couldn’t rely on the local derby crowd from the Nottingham, Derby or Rutland teams as we often would so really it forced us to build our local fan base and that can only be a good thing.

We had fantastic response to the bout reviews, we’ve been featured in the local paper, a niche sport website and there is a review due to be printed in a UK roller derby magazine. We’ve even put up a review on our website – all in the space of a week! My writing elf has been very busy indeed (thank you Andy!!).

We are now full swing into promoting the next bout, the response to the facebook event has been great so far, we’ve even sold a few tickets already. That just goes to show that launching a facebook event immediately after your last bout really helps people to look forward to the next one and make sure they don’t miss out.

We have poster, flyer and sticker campaigns planned, probably a facebook advert campaign and maybe some printed adverts in local press too. That’s all on top of press releases which will hopefully feature in the local newspaper and other local sports websites. We’re even hoping to pull off a big secret thing which will hopefully draw a lot of PR attention to the event… watch this space.

This weekend I’m off to Anarchy: Euro Crash (plus a bit of shopping in Camden). One of my league mates, Rogue Runner, will be playing for the Euro All Stars against London Brawling who have been training very hard in preparation, as you can see below:

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