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I’m currently trawling my way through hundreds of fonts and wording styles to come up with the perfect invitation design. Luckily fonts are one of my favourite things so really it’s not such a hard task and so far it’s been really fun designing my own invites. I can have them exactly as I like (and save some money in the process too).

The only thing I would love to do which we can’t (purely because it’s so expensive to do) is have the design letterpressed, everything looks better letterpressed! But, I may pay for a one off letterpressed version after the wedding as a keepsake.

Here’s some of the invitation designs that I’ve been inspired by…

Tara + Rich’s colourful invites via Oh So Beautiful Paper

I think these invites are fab – so bright and colourful, relaxed and with a fantastic choice of fonts. Layering is so fun to do with printed invitations and the combination of invite plus RSVP plus map and registry details is done so well together here. The script font used for the names here is Candy Script.

The Lisa Collection by Mary loves Bob

I love the bright fun colours and cute vintage style. I’ve even seen these invites in person at the Wedding Event with a Difference and the did not disappoint. If I wasn’t designing the invitations myself then these would probably be the ones I would go for. The script font used in the title is Wisdom Script.

Aaron & Harper’s fingerprint invites via Oh So Beautiful Paper

The simplicity of this design is what I really like. They’ve chosen one simple font and played with all the variety it offers; light, book, bold, italics, and outlined. Such a beautiful result I think – all it needs is a little colour! The font used here is Quicksand.

I’ve hit a few small bumps in the road along the way, firstly I wanted the design to match the Save the Date that we sent out but the “handwriting” font we used is so tall and condensed it doesn’t work with the amount of text that we have to include on the invite. I’m still planning to bring through the same use of colour and the illustrations but the fonts may vary (without being too different).

Something else that has been fun to try and work out is our names. All the designs out there that I used as inspiration use an ampersand in between the bride and groom’s name. Nicely centered because both of there names are similar lengths. That’s not the case with Andy and I – he has 4 letters, I have 9! There’s no way we can get that to balance, so I’ve been trying out lots of different layouts to balance the names.

If you want a sneak peek of what I’ve been designing I’ve dribbbled a few shots recently that might give you an idea of what they could look like.

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