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I have to say, I found it hard to find a celebrant, the expected Google searches didn’t result in what I hoped to find. It seems that not many celebrants have their own website! Eventually I found some advice in Brides magazine that pointed me towards the British Humanist Association where you can do a postcode search for local celebrants.

A celebrant is the person who performs the ceremony. Some people have a vicar or minister, some people have a rabbi, we’ll be having a celebrant. Often celebrants also perform naming ceremonies and funerals too – all of those important life events.

After taking a quick look at the result for Leicestershire I saw only a few had websites so I only chose to consider them. I don’t know if I’m alone in this but I kind of want to get a feel for the person I am contacting before I speak to them. Cold calling someone about something as special as your wedding really doesn’t appeal to me.

I emailed three celebrants via their websites to ask how much they would cost and if they were available for our date.

The first celebrant sent me a generic letter that I could see was provided to anyone enquiring about wedding ceremonies. Her prices were much lower than the other celebrants but I didn’t feel I would be getting the same personalised service and that’s something I didn’t want to miss out on.

The second celebrant emailed back to say she’d like to talk over the phone as she preferred to give a personalised quote so, we arranged to chat one evening. After an hour on the phone I knew that this celebrant was a lovely person, very chatty and friendly, but I didn’t have a definite figure on how much it would cost. I asked her to email me with a confirmation of how much she would charge for our ceremony and what the process would be from now onwards – unfortunately I didn’t get that. I understand that this celebrant, and many others like her, rely on their great interpersonal skills and building a raport with their clients but for me that needed to be balanced out with clear message on what we will receive and how much it will cost us.

The third celebrant got back to me straight away, she gave me a price, confirmed she was available and provided a very clear breakdown of what we would receive for the money; a face to face meeting, two drafts of our ceremony script and a rehearsal too as well as the full day on the wedding day. Now this was my kind of supplier – friendly, clear and process driven!

So, as I hope you can guess, we chose the third celebrant. Please meet Kate of Hats & Champagne.

A couple of weeks ago Kate came over for the evening to meet us, eat chinese takeaway and ask us some questions in preparation for our wedding ceremony. She asked us how we met, what we love about each other and what we are hoping for our ceremony.

We’ve planned who we’ll ask to do readings, what music we’d like for the entrance and exit, and who/how to walk down the aisle.

In June we’ll receive the first draft of the script that she will write especially for us. It’s all coming together now – can’t wait!

I’m also hoping to do a little skill swap with Kate to help her with her website and ensure she can be found the next time some one like me is looking for a celebrant.

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