Christina Sparkle


Andy and I have been compiling our gift list this month. We’ve registered with a few different vendors so our guests have a choice but the hardest thing has been keeping our gift choices within £50.

Above is a sneak peek of one of our soon-to-be-live gift lists. As you can see we’ve omitted the £50 rule for a few special items, oops!

We’ve chosen a wide selection of possibilities for our guests to choose from; a high street department store, an online store, a charity and a honeymoon donation site.

Lots of our guests have already asked for the gift lists but some of the vendors we have registered with don’t allow guests to buy things until 6 weeks before the wedding just in case things go out of stock. It seems our guests are very eager.

I hope to make the other services available via our wedding website a little earlier for those guests who want to get a head start. I just need to get the website finished first!

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