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This week I posted on Facebook for ideas for our wedding favours. Andy’s mum has kindly offered to arrange little glass jars with hessian cloth top and a ribbon for each guest. I just need to decide how to fill the jar.

68 comments later here’s the list my friends produced…

  1. Sweets
  2. Viagra
  3. Terrarium
  4. Homemade jam
  5. Mini toys
  6. Bath petals
  7. Chocolate pudding
  8. Fondant fancies
  9. Tea leaves
  10. Money
  11. Temporary tattoos
  12. Tea bags
  13. Mini cactus
  14. Condoms
  15. Bath salts
  16. Potpourri
  17. Candle
  18. Rice crackers
  19. Wasabi peas
  20. Hair and toe nail clippings
  21. Home made fudge
  22. Wild flower seeds
  23. How wheels
  24. Springy snake
  25. Goldfish
  26. Chocolate body paint
  27. Hot chocolate
  28. Fortune cookies
  29. Plants that grow a message
  30. Fridge magnets
  31. Keyrings
  32. Buttons
  33. Fire crackers
  34. Old stamps
  35. A raffle ticket for a bottle of wine
  36. Lucky dip lottery ticket
  37. Scratch card
  38. Earrings
  39. Rings
  40. Brooches
  41. Shells
  42. Handkerchiefs
  43. Old coins
  44. Four leaf clover
  45. Playing cards
  46. Acorns
  47. Conkers
  48. Squished coins with pictures on them
  49. Personalised rubber bracelets
  50. Love
  51. A smaller glass jar

Now, some of these suggestions are more useful then others… I could give each of my friends the item they suggested. But it was just nice to see which were the most popular – some people got very passionate about defending their suggestions!

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