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Gwen Stefani – What You Waiting For?

This track came on at the after party for Fight To The Finnish on Saturday night. We’d had a fantastically successful event that day, my week had not been so good but this song was actually the exact thing I needed to hear.

This week the bout team selection committee will meet to pick the June-September roster of 20 All Stars (A team) and 20 Raggy Dollz (B team) – all of our teams for bouts between June and September will be picked from those 20.

In order to be considered for roster selection each skater must have at least 50% attendance. I looked at my attendance a few weeks ago and saw that I only had 40% but there was still time to make it up. If I attended all sessions between then and the selection date I could get 59%. Uh oh, pressure.

I attended all 4 hours of our Sunday session and hurt my knee in the last 10 minutes of scrimmage. Not a big hurt, but still hurt a little – enough to need an ice pack.

The mid week session came around and I hurt my knee again during the warm up. Frustrated, I just left and went straight home. Knowing that it probably meant I wouldn’t get my 50%. Lots of pouting and some tears ensued in disappointment with my short temper and aching body.

Fast forward to Friday when we are asked to do our self assessment forms (our time to have a say on our bout selection scores), I check the attendance sheet again and it says I’ve just managed to scrape 60%. Big surprise!!

But after all of those ups and downs this week – maybe I shouldn’t put myself forward? I’m still struggling to make it through a whole practice, physically and mentally. I will enjoy one practice but then not enjoy the next. But to wait another three whole months before I can be considered to bout again? Torture.

Tick tock, tick tock,
Tick tock, tick tock.
Take a chance you stupid ho.
What you waiting for?

So, I submitted the form and put myself forward for selection. Now I await the results.

Hearing Gwen tick-tocking on my Saturday night out, perfect timing.

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