Christina Sparkle

Compelled to start a blog

We both were on our own individual roller coaster of depression, denial, angst, and wanting to die.  A roller coaster we stayed on for 13 years.  And while we were each on our own separate coaster, our kids were on the ground watching us, wondering why we were on a ride that we weren’t enjoying, and why we couldn’t be on an enjoyable ride all together.

AshleyIn which I feel compelled to start a blog

This lady felt compelled to start a blog, just as I did. Similar to me she knows she has a story to tell. I just haven’t started telling mine yet, I’ve barely scratched the surface.

Reading her story brings so many things to my mind – I’ve been in those same situations, not with my partner but with my parents. I was one of those kids on the ground, trying to work out why my parent’s were putting themselves through this.

One phrase she uses is “mixed-orientation marriage” – I’ve never heard this before. It is an interesting phrase.

Unfortunately Ashley’s blog was born so she could speak out regarding the campaigns which are against gay marriage and the promotion of therapy to “fix the problem.” These campaigns directly affect Ashley’s family and the community to which she belongs. If only the people behind these campaigns would realise how much their work actually does more to push gay men and women away from God.

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