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Sneaky peek

This week we’ve printed and collated all of our invitations ready to send out at the end of this month. I’m so pleased with the outcome. The colours, the typography and the beautiful illustrations by my friend Taynee Tinsley.

We ended up doing three variations on the invites; a day time invitation, and evening invitation (for guests who come to the reception only) and another day time invite which says “Andrew” as opposed to “Andy.”

Andy’s mum requested the Andrew versions after we sent out the Save The Date notices (which said Andy) because none of the Walton side of the family know Andy as that, only as Andrew. Rather than send them all out with “Andrew” on them we decided to have two versions as all of our friends and my side of the family know Andy as “Andy.”

Along with each invite I sent out an illustrated map to the venue and an RSVP card with a stamped addressed envelope. I liked the idea of using a postcard for the RSVPs with our address on the back but I already had a large number of mini envelopes left over from the Save The Date cards and it was easier to use those than it was to print back to back on the RSVP cards.

As well as the invites, RSVP cards and maps I’ve also been designing menu cards, a seating plan and I plan to do orders of service too. Hopefully I’ll also do a few extras to dot around the wedding as well.

All of the designs I created myself in Adobe Illustrator using the custom illustrations by Taynee Tinsley and the fonts; Strangelove and Quicksand. It was quite important to me to have fonts in the print designs that I could use in a website too. I did dabble with lots of different and fun fonts but I eventually returned to the same fonts as I used on the Save The Date cards.

We’ve stamped and addressed all of the envelopes ready to send out day time invites to close friends and family. We’ll then hand out some evening invites to a few friends six weeks before the day. Hopefully that should give us plenty of time to receive the RSVPs, chase them up if need be and make sure that everyone who should have an invite definitely gets one.

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