Christina Sparkle

What a to-do!

In case you were wondering, yes, I’m still using my Google Doc. I have got rid of the hundreds of tab possibilities and got it down to just the ones we need.

Here’s a snap shot of our to-do list. I listed everything we need to sort out, then put a date next to it and as you can see at the moment we are mostly ahead.

I’ve hit a bump in the road because the dance floor we want doesn’t seem to be available anywhere, but hopefully I’ll tackle that hurdle in the next few days.

I’ve also been receiving RSVPs via our wedding website and straight into a Google Doc. Our guests can even select their menu choices.

There’s only 8 weeks to go and all the replies are getting me a little bit too excited – I think I need to take a chill pill.

Of course with so much to do I haven’t been blogging very much unfortunately – but I’m trying very hard to keep it up.

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