Christina Sparkle

Here comes the bride

When it came to my wedding dress I already had an idea in mind, as I’m sure most women do. I wanted something based on a vintage pattern and probably not white. I was very inspired by Brigitte Bardot’s gingham wedding dress but unfortunately nice fabrics in a gingham pattern are hard to find.

I gathered some inspiration on Pinterest and asked my roller derby team mate, Vile De Ville if she would consider making it for me. Vile is an extremely talented corsetier and when I described the dress I wanted she said it would be really simple to make, all I needed to pick out was the fabric.

Fast forward a few months to last week when I had my first wedding dress fitting. The dress is so amazing, better than anything I had ever dreamed of. Perfect cut, perfect style, perfect length. Everything is perfect.

However, what I wasn’t expecting was the slight shock of looking at myself in the mirror and seeing a “bride.” It might sound silly but I really wasn’t prepared for it. I haven’t actually tried on any other wedding dresses.

I did go to the high street bridal stores for a little nose around but all of the dresses looked the same to me; strapless with varying levels of ruffle or lace or sparkle and fabric to the floor. Yes of course there were options for the skirt – ball gown, A-line or mermaid/fishtail, but being a busty girl I knew the number one thing I didn’t want was a strapless gown.

I would never usually wear strapless and the last thing I want is to feel that I’m going to “fall out” or have to hoist my dress up all day. Let alone the muffin tops.

The lady in the bridal store did offer an olive branch – “we can always add spaghetti straps.” Hahaha, no thank you. I want to feel comfortable and be sure I’m wearing a good solid bra.

Back to this week, I’m looking at myself in the mirror wearing silk and netting as “Bridal Christina,” not too far removed from the “Bridal Barbie” I had as a child. I realise now is the time to embrace my new “bridal” self, but how do I go about doing that. Any tips?

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