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5 weeks to go!

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged properly so here’s a whistle stop tour of what we’ve been up to lately when it comes to the wedding:

I’m putting all the finishing touches together now for favours and treats for our guests. I’ve been filling little jars with dragees and thinking about what else we can have.

We chose a selection of readings for the ceremony. We’ve asked Andy’s dad and my Aunt to do a reading each at the wedding. We gave them both 3 to choose from and the option to find their own, we’ve just asked that they leave it as a surprise for us.

I had a mad bridezilla moment a couple of weeks ago when the expensive over-sized confetti that I’d ordered from France was ruined by the cat who knocked over a vase of flowers onto the confetti. Suffice to say it is ruined and I was very sore about it for a week or so.

I’m having to stop myself from buying more things – the costs increase very quickly if I’m not careful we’ll be ridiculously over budget. Some of the extras that I’d like such as chalk board signage and personalised crates I’ve had to give up on.

Roller Derby-wise things have been a struggle. I’m still can’t find the enthusiasm to even attend practices (although that does have productivity benefits in other areas). I feel I’ve come to the end of my time however, this realisation has come at a time when Andy is being tempted to get even more involved with the Dollies.

We’ve made some plans for once we are married including paying off all the debts we have within a year and taking some courses to expand our skills and earning potential. One of us could really do with learning to drive but that is so expensive, it just doesn’t seem worthwhile – even at our age.

Next Monday will mark 4 weeks to go when we send out final invitations, wrap up arrangements and start to pay the balances to our vendors. Wish us luck?

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