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It’s August. IT IS AUGUST. *freak out*

The RSVPs closed yesterday and with only a small amount of chasing we heard back from everyone who needed to RSVP. From what I had read and heard from friends it would be a massive challenge to get all of my RSVPs back but having the website and stamped addressed envelopes inside the invites resulted in a 100% success rate for those guests who actually received their invites (more later on the ones who didn’t).

Right now our to do list looks like this:

Not too many things to do. I think we have bought everything we need to at this point. Along the way I made sure we met deadlines early wherever possible. But I have been putting some things off; I’m worried the cats will jump in a box or on a table and ruin all of the crafty things like button holes and favours. The expensive confetti isn’t the only thing that has been ruined in the last few weeks. I have no evidence it was them, in fact it could well have been me not putting things in my “wedding box” properly, but I’m going to blame the cats anyway. That’s what cats are for, right?

I’ve dialed back on my roller derby duties even further which leaves me with a lot more free time. Time to just switch off and do something unproductive, like SimCity. I’m the kind of person who always has to keep their hands busy but when they’re constantly busy doing work of some sort there comes a point when I just burn out. It’s great to keep my hands busy with something distracting and not work related (be it day job or roller derby job) – I can switch off for 10/20/30 minutes and then get back to the real world. It’s almost heaven.

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