Christina Sparkle

What day is it?

Excuse me for being so quiet, I just had to check what day it is. It’s wedding central right here. Andy and I took leave from work as of Wednesday to focus on everything that we want crafted for the wedding.

My mum has also been here every day except Monday making paper flowers, sewing cushions, cleaning jars, cutting out menus and stuffing bags. These photos are a few sneak peeks of what we’ve been up to.

We did find time today to host a little picnic with my flower girl Clementine and her big brother Morley. Clem arrived dressed as a ballerina and proceeded to steal and take a bite out of almost everyone else’s food at the picnic – it was hilarious.

Today was the perfect distraction to the dark shadow that has appeared in the shape of my dad. My not-invited, not-welcome dad. But of course he has butted in just at the right point to stress me out. More on that perhaps in another blog… I’ve played it very safe with my blogging in the run up to the wedding so as to not upset any family members but it’s becoming too much to keep it all in.

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