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I just wanted to give a shout out to two of my fabulous vendors who’ve been posting pics on Facebook of the custom things they’ve been creating for our wedding.

The first is Lorna Dunn Signage who has created these gorgeous chalk signage boards for us. She’s also created another that says “Let’s Celebrate”. I love hand lettering and chalk is so big right now with artists such as Dana Tanamachi, it would be a crime not to have some hand lettering wherever I can. Check out Lorna on Facebook for more beautiful examples and contact details for your next party or event (she offers calligraphy too!).

This is a snapshot of our macaroons resting before they are popped into the oven by the fabulous Candy Cakeory. They might appear bright but the colour will fade once cooked unfortunately – however, the brighter the better! The brightest colours of macaroons are the most luxurious. I can’t wait to feast on these beauties.

I’m feeling pretty tired tonight, I’ve banged my head and burned my wrist within and hour, but just trying to finish everything up ready for Sunday’s set up and rehearsal.

Right now I’m waiting for the wedding cake to cool before I ship it over to Candy Cakeory tomorrow morning so she can frost it to match the cupcakes. We were planning on buying a fruit cake off the shelf and then having it frosted but we decided that buttercream on top of royal icing would be too likely to slip and could taste pretty gross. Instead we have a fruit cake which we’ll cut up, plus a deliciously DIY sponge.

Less than 70 hours to go!

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