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We visited Berlin in January for the European Roller Derby Organisers Conference and even though Andy and I only had two or so free days to explore the city it has already jumped to one of the best places we’ve been together which is why we decided to go back for a mini-moon straight after the wedding.

It really is an fantastic city, it doesn’t feel as crowded as London but has all of the fascinating charm. We could easily see ourselves living there for a year or two! Here are some of the photos I snapped on our travels around the city.

The first thing I wanted to do when we returned to Berlin was lots of shopping. We didn’t get to do much last time we went and this time we had booked a super-central hotel that was surrounded by great shopping places, from high-street chains to cute boutiques. I love snapping alphabets wherever I go and the German alphabet poster was a good find, you will notice that E is for Engel (Angel).

We stayed in the Circus Hotel, a boutique hotel in Mitte which is stunningly designed and everything about the place was perfect for us.

All over the city is some fascinating design – graffiti and street art is everywhere you look and some is so large scale that we are sure it must be commissioned. It’s fantastic to see a city that really embraces it’s organic and planned artworks. The shot on the right is bench in the street that is covered in tape.

These photos together have striking similarities in colour and shapes, I’m hoping to use them as influence for a design project I have in mind that will hopefully launch in the new year.

Berlin is well known for celebrating breakfast and last time we stayed in Berlin we made sure we went out for breakfast every morning, you can expect platters and cupcake stands filled with fruit, meat and cheeses wherever you go. This time we stuck to the hotel’s breakfast buffet because it was so nice; we had choice of the full range every day.

We re-visited some of the restaurants we went to last time including the American diner and the Tiki Heart bar/restaurant. We also visited an Italian restaurant recommended to us by Simona, our friend who has lived in Berlin. The walls of the restaurant were covered in posters and signatures of punk bands who had visited there; Rancid, Pennywise, Coheed & Cambria, Manu Chao, Gossip and so many, many more.

We also made sure to visit markets, patisseries and ice cream parlours wherever we could, and of course they were absolutely delicious. One of my favourites was a cute little ice cream and waffle café right next to Checkpoint Charlie.

Last time we were in Berlin we visited the zoo which has a great collection of big cats. Because it was in January they were all inside keeping warm but that meant we could get quite close up to meet them all. This time we visited the aquarium which is attached to the zoo and boasts one of the largest collections of species in Europe.

We also walked through the crocodile hall which in past years housed a number of large crocodiles that the public could walk over on a bridge! The hall was unfortunately bombed during World War II but it was rebuilt and now houses only one small crocodile that lives behind metal bars and a few tortoises.

Overall a very happy honeymoon! We are now saving up to visit Hawaii which was our ideal honeymoon location. We plan to visit in a few years time after some hard saving and before we have any kiddies to suck away all of our money.

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