Christina Sparkle

Push and Shove – No Doubt

This video launched today and wow. Wow! They are having so much fun, it’s great to see the band back together again, so close. I love all the black and white details (the video reminds of Hella Good) and how they seem to be really getting back to their ska roots. I read recently that Gwen has been working on a more “undone” style for this album and I think that really reflects in this video.

I hadn’t heard of Major Lazer before their collaboration with No Doubt but I really need to check out more of their work because from what I’ve read their style is right up my street. Lots of Jamaican dancehall mixed with 80s vibes.

Not only can I not wait for the new singles and videos and interviews and appearances but I really can’t wait for the whole movement of bands that will be influenced by this No Doubt era.

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