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Time capsule

I’ve been reading even more Penelope Trunk including this post called 4 secrets of focused people. Apparently, Barack Obama only wears blue and black suits in order to focus his “decision making energy”. He finds he can focus better on the important decisions in his job when he doesn’t have to think about trivial decisions like what to wear and what to eat.

The idea reminded me of a post I’d seen a few months ago about a designer who wears the same thing every day. I’m not sure I could quite go that far because I do love clothes but these ideas have inspired me to build something I’ve wanted to build in a long time, a capsule wardrobe.

As a tween I had a subscription to Shout! magazine. They would often do features on capsule wardrobes for holidays; 10 outfits in 10 items, etc. They’d pair a floral summer dress with flip flops and a denim jacket; which you could also wear the next day with combats, pumps and a vest top; then the next day you’d wear the vest with jeans, flip flops and a cardigan; then it was back to the dress but this time with the cardigan and pumps.

The idea is that all the items are interchangeable so that, although the number of garments are limited, you have a large number of outfits to wear and you always look well put together. It clears a lot of wardrobe space too (I’ve sent three full bags of clothes to the charity shop this week).

Using Polyvore I started to put together a capsule wardrobe. I tried to think of my existing wardrobe and pick out the items that I wear time and time again; a black scoop neck tee, a leopard print cardi and a red cardi – items I’ve had for years and can never part with. Working around those existing items I thought about what I could add to make the capsule set and also add some variety – I’m so sick of always wearing jeans to work and feeling like a hobo.

Below is the capsule wardrobe I put together along with some of the potential outfits that can be made from the items. I chose 4 tops, 4 cardigans/jackets, 1 dress, 3 pairs of trouser/skirts and 3 pairs of shoes. Accessories are unlimited. At the bottom I’ve also included links to the items that I’ve actually bought in order to create the wardrobe in real life.

Dress / Black jacket / Scarf / Skirt

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