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Wardrobe remake: day dress


This week I have remade one of my wardrobe favourites, a go-to dress for so many occasions. I bought the original dress in New Look, for about £15 last summer just before a trip to Berlin and I intended to use it as summer dress. In reality I have worn it for parties, to work and so many days at home working at my computer. It is comfortable, easy to wear and a very flexible piece in my wardrobe. Unfortunately, it is also has pilling, it is cheaply made (the facing refuses to stay put), it is too tight across the bust and it is too short – there is no way I could wear it without leggings, it constantly rides up when I’m sat down.

photo 1

A couple of weeks ago my Granny picked up this fabric for me from The Fabric Guild in Leicester. I’m not sure what fabric it is exactly but it is medium weight and has some stretch to it which hopefully means it will be comfortable to wear.

I set to use the fabric to make a replacement for a dress, and to hopefully find success when making a Megan dress from Love at First Stitch. I have tried to make a Megan dress before, but it’s too big and I want to adjust it. Hopefully making the new one to the right size will help me to adjust the first one I made.

photo 2

I also decided to make this new dress with a lining to improve the quality, and hopefully the longevity. Basically, I made two dresses – one in the patterned fabric, and one in a lining fabric. I used a few Youtube videos to help with the sewing together of the two dresses, in the end I have joined the dresses at the sleeves, neckline and along the back seam. It did take a few attempts to get this right, especially as the lining fabric would get caught up in the machine but the result feels great.I even managed to sew the seam allowances to the lining help make sure that the lining doesn’t show when it is worn.

photo 3

I made the skirt in a size smaller than the top in order to better fit my measurements. The stretch of the fabric meant that with a few extra pins I was able to stretch the skirt pieces slightly to meet the bust pieces. This has definitely produced a better quality dress with a much better shape and length for me. I still have some bagginess at my chest so I might try to create some darts at the neckline like the original. I’ve worn it once so far and got lots of compliments. I’m not sure it will replace the original for flexibility, the lining and longer length makes it feel a lot more formal, but I am super happy with the result and love the fact that I’ve been able to recreate one of my wardrobe favourites.


  1. Bug Edwards

    Your getting very good at this sewing stuff. So impressed you made the lining on this one too!

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