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A weekend in Berlin for Two


This week we are headed to Berlin for the fourth time in three years, but it will probably be our last for a while so I wanted to do a little series of what we did on our city break trips to Berlin for old times sake.

This is a summary of our second trip to Berlin (but first one without friends), and this time happened to be our honeymoon!

DURATION: 4 days 3 nights

STAY: Circus Hotel (or the Circus Hostel opposite for smaller budgets)

BREAKFAST: Everyday, in the hotel, honey and fruit bread. Nom, nom, nom.

Tiki Heart – Grab a cocktail and burger with lots of sides. We have visited this restaurant every time we’ve been to Berlin, it’s probably our favourite.

I Due Forni – Try and go on a quiet night because this place get very very busy. We had to grab someone in order to get seated, grab them again for drinks, and again to order the food. But the pizza is amazing, and the decor… the decor is all your favourite punk bands’ posters signed and graffitied on the wall.

Hakescher Market – Go for lunch and try the awesome street food. We found a sandwich van with different sandwiches named after areas of Berlin, the Potsdam sandwich was a fave of mine with tofu, ginger and mango chutney.

Drink lots and lots of German beer.

Tour Bus – This is super touristy, so it might not be to everyone’s taste but we have found this to be the best way to see the major sights and get your bearings quickly whenever we are in a new city. It also leaves more time for visiting the more unusual spots. The best place to pick up a tour is at Checkpoint Charlie.

Flea Market – On a Sunday at Mauer Park. The best way to experience this is to sleep late, visit the Flea Market for vintage clothes, handmade goodies, home bargains, and fresh fruit smoothies. Then go for Brunch on the way back at any of the cafes you will find on the walk.

DDR Museum – Probably one of the most interactive museums you might find, you can sit in a real Travi car, and see what it was like in an East German home during communist rule. This museum is dedicated to life and culture in East Germany before the Berlin Wall came down.

Berlin Aquarium – As well as seeing the vast array of sealife, insects and reptiles you can find out about the history of the aquarium. This includes the hall which housed a large number of crocodiles without barriers to protect the Victorian public, and the fact that the building was bombed during World War II.

Photobooth – There lots of photobooths dotted around the city and these photos have been our favourite keep sakes from the trip. After this week we’ll have three, one from each year, in a beautiful frame with a Berlin map background. They all seem to be vintage style with black and white prints for only €2 a time.


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