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Autumn Capsule Wardrobe 2014


This is the third year in a row that I’ve done a capsule wardrobe for Autumn or Fall. It seems to be the season that I plan for the most, and I love having a capsule of items that all go together, especially for work. I know all the items go well together, and I will always look put together. This capsule has a nice variety in colour and pattern that I’m really happy with, the tricky part when creating a capsule is to make sure the outfits don’t look too samey.

This year, instead of buying most of the items that I don’t have yet, I’ll be making them! The black pussy bow blouse in the capsule will actually be the blouse I made a few months ago. I also plan to make a white polka dot blouse, black skirt and the Breton stripe top.

I have some white graphic dot fabric that I bought from John Lewis a while ago, I’m hoping this will work well with the Mimi blouse from Love at First Stitch, perhaps sleeveless with a black collar?

I’m booked on the Coco course with Kitchen Table Sewing which will hopefully result in a perfect striped tshirt for me to wear during Autumn. I have picked up some jersey from a local fabric shop but it is quite thick so I’m hoping to find a more standard jersey weight while I’m in Germany this week. If not, Dragonfly Fabrics have a nice selection which have been recommended to me as excellent quality, but it is quite pricey.

I also plan to make a black skirt but I’m not sure what pattern to use yet. I have the Delphine and Clemence skirt patterns in Love at First Stitch. I don’t think the Delphine is really my style, the Clemence skirt is a nice, easy pattern and I think in a longer length than I made last time it would be a great option. I also have Miette skirt pattern that I haven’t made yet, I bought it when Tilly Walnes was having a sale.

One item I do need to buy is jeans. I wore out my last pair a few months ago and have been doing without. That was fine in the summer months but I definitely need a new pair for Autumn. I’ve heard good things about the Gap 1969 curvy skinny, as well as the high-rise skinny. Forever 21 jeans also seem to be a favourite for curvy girls so I plan to try those on while I’m in Berlin. I’d love a high waisted vintage-looking pair of jeans but when you have a tummy I’m not sure it’s really an option.

Here’s my cat *helping* me with to pick items for the capsule.

Here’s a selection of outfits that can be made using the capsule I’ve created. I made this using Polyvore and a little help from Photoshop. You can check out the Polyvore collection here, and follow me on Polyvore if you’re a member.


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