Christina Sparkle

Yet another week in Berlin


DURATION: 5 days, 4 nights

STAY: Apartment in Kreuzberg


Barcomis Cafe – The menu here is focused on pastries and bagels so it’s great for a big breakfast. I went for the peanut butter and jam bagel, paired with a smoothie which was heavenly.

Fleury Cafe – This cafe is probably the ultimate example of a great breakfast and brunch cafe in Berlin. The menu is great with small breakfasts, like Muesli any yoghurt, through to full brunch plates which include cheese, meats and fruit. We found this to be really busy all the time. On Sunday morning there were absolutely no tables, on Monday there were tables, but only outside. Well worth a short wait though, the breakfast here was my favourite.

Fabisch – As the Fleury Hotel was so busy on Sunday we headed down the street to the Circus Hotel (which was actually the hotel we stayed in on our honeymoon), and their cafe Fabisch. They offer a full breakfast buffet, eat as much as you like. The prices are a few Euro more expensive for anyone who isn’t staying in the hotel but they do have a fantastic range. If you want to sit and graze all day this is a great venue for it. They also have teabags that you fill yourself which go down very well with hot drink lovers. The staff all wear Fred Perry so it must be an amazing place to work.


Freischwimmer – We first visited this restaurant last year and loved it so much we had to return to it’s unusual location down the side of a petrol station and alongside the canal. There are two menus, one for the grill and one for the pizza oven. We always seem to get the grill menu and love it but the pizzas do look really tasty too. The cocktails at Freischwimmer were the best of the trip I think.

White Trash Fast Food – We visited this favourite of ours at their new location, just across the canal from Freischwimmer. The interior has been transported over from their old location and a huge outdoor space has been added too. We sat outside and ate huge burgers with amazing cocktails. You enter through a caravan and there is an entrance fee which seems a little strange, I’m not sure what this was for but it was only €1. They seem to get very busy, even though they have so much more space now but you can book online to secure a table.

District MOT – Berlin is well known for its Vietnamese food and we love this restaurant for its great decor and fun atmosphere. The whole place is decorated with a Vietnamese street style. Lights and wires are pinned across the ceiling, Hello Kitty surgical masks decorate the front entrance, and barbed wire adorns the stairs. The menu is full of small dishes to share and it is all served very quickly so you have no chance of feeling hungry for long. There are larger dishes too but the sharers are the ones that attracted us. I definitely recommend the Strawberry Mojito cocktail, it goes with everything.


Knöpf – This shop has the most amazing selection of vintage buttons, more than you can ever imagine. They also stock vintage brooches and accessories alongside a few minatures.

L’Astretti – I found this fabric shop while walking back to our apartment from the U-Bahn. They actually have two locations, one with jersey fabrics, and the other with quilting cottons. The range was great, prices weren’t cheap but it is really nice to find some interesting fabrics that I don’t usually find in the UK.

Museum of Things – This is a really unusual museum with a massive collection of everyday objects from the 20th and 21st Centuries. The items are grouped in categories which really highlight the sheer number of things which have been mass produced and sold all over the world over the last 100 years.

Alternative Berlin Tour – We took the tour in the morning on Saturday and were taken all over Berlin’s best street art sites. Starting at Alexanderplatz we took the tram over to Hakescher Markt to see an alley looked after by a street art collective and I got lots of shots of my favourite, Little Lucy. We also visited an old office building which now holds artist studios and has a Berlin wall exhibition collaborating with the latest street artists.

Urban Spree – After a couple of hours on the tour we ended in Freidrichsehn at this old train depot. The depot now holds gallery space, a craft market and lots of street food stalls. We grabbed some Japanese curry and then I bought a tote bag from JIAB, a local artist who I’ve noticed every time I’ve been to Berlin. Her work is beautiful and haunting, I didn’t want to miss out on having something of hers if we don’t go back to Berlin for a few years. Other highlights of the market were the jewelry, baby clothes and art prints.

Flea Market – We can’t get enough of the Mauer Park flea market. This time I spent most of my money on vinyl, apparently I’m a vinyl collector now! The weather had been rainy over night so there weren’t quite so many stalls and people out this time but was still not to be missed. I was drooling over all the of the mid-century furniture that I wanted to take back with me. I wish that I had bought a Mauer Park tote bag this time around.

Photobooth – I won’t stop going on about these, a photo set from one of Berlin’s black and white photobooths is the ultimate souvenir from Berlin. We took ours outside Urban Spree on this trip.


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