Christina Sparkle

Coco: Week 1


Last week I started on Kitchen Table Sewing‘s Coco course. I’m really excited to learn how to make my own t-shirts and imagine all the possibilities I can create. No longer limited by what is on trend, or available in the shops at that time.

In the first session we just cut out all our pieces of the pattern. I have used this black and cream striped jersey fabric from Dragonfly Fabrics for a classic Breton style (and to go in my Autumn Capsule). I also found some grey and black stripes at Fabric World in Bedford, so I’m making a second Coco at home to really embed in my mind all the tips that Janet gives.

Things I’ve learned so far: Jersey fabric needs a ballpoint machine needle (these look and feel exactly the same as standard needles, confusing huh?); you don’t need to overlock jersey (the edges will just roll once it is washed a few times); and aligning stripes when cutting fabric is really hard (either spend most of your time getting it right or just go with the wonkiness, I choose the latter).

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