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Pixel Heart Card DIY


I saw this image on Pinterest this week but unfortunately I can’t find where it originated from. Only after a reverse Google image search did I find the blog that it came from and, what a cute blog it is… Mini-eco! I subscribed straight away.

I think it is so important to credit the original creator of an image. Especially now when there are so many amazing bloggers and creators out there that we could all be discovering! I usually find that Pinterest pins are credited and there is no problem, they make it very easy to pin an image from a blog or website and keep the source. Tumblr on the other hand is quite the opposite! This time I’ve gone back and edited my pin to point to the right link so hopefully future pinners can find Mini-eco and all of her amazing creations.

If you find an image and you don’t know its source you can do a reverse image search by downloading the image to your desktop, then browse to Google Image Search and drag the image into the search bar. This will search the web for similar images and you can usually find the original within the first page or two of links. My search resulted in lots of links to Pinterest and then on the second page I found Mini-eco’s blog with the full tutorial.

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