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One week post partum update

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After my caesarian section it took a lot for me to even get out of bed to go to the toilet. In the hospital, every time I needed to pick the baby up to feed I had to call a midwife for them to hand him to me which was fine at first but you do feel frustrated after a while!

Andy came in all day every day to be with us which saved me from pressing the midwife button constantly. We also had visits from Andy’s parents and from my mum and sister who were all enchanted with Sacha. On the evening of day 2 we were able to bring him home. I was recovering well from the c-section and feeling more like myself again; going to the toilet normally and the bleeding is very manageable with some Always pads.

Breast feeding has been a challenge. Latching on has been fine although he does like to fuss and play around before latching properly which can be frustrating in the dead of night! My nips have struggled though and I’ve had cracks, blisters and bleeding. I have taken to resting a side if it does get too sore, even for 24 hours it can help – along with a lot of lanolin cream!

I’ve been to see multiple midwives and even had a lactation specialist come to my home this week but the consensus opinion is that he is feeding well and this is a normal part of the process. I’m using the rugby ball position and I’ve been using the BabyConnect app to track feeds, nappies and sleeps so I don’t have remember times myself.  The advice we got at ante natal classes that breast feeding doesn’t hurt though is complete rubbish – latching on does hurt every time, once he is then latched the pain subsides but getting that advice made me believe I was doing something wrong.

Another difficult part of the week has been the cluster feeding. All the articles I’ve found seem to suggest that cluster feeding happens in the evenings between 6pm and midnight but Sacha seems to cluster feed between 1am and 6am. This has come as a big shock to the system. 2am-4am is the hardest, thank heaven for Netflix!

We’ve tried a shift system where Andy takes him for a couple of hours or as long as he can stand the screaming. I’m now trying to feed as much as possible in the evenings to see if that encourages cluster feeding earlier in the night. The two worst nights we’ve had are ones where we’ve taken him out in the evenings – once to the hospital, and once to my crafting circle. These trips out just extended bed time and gave him a lot of stimulation I think so I’m going to try and avoid anything like that for a while.

While we were still in the hospital we had a test for jaundice and then when we got him back home I was concerned he looked quite yellow so we took him back. The test involves pricking his heel and then gathering the blood in a glass tube for testing. This was quite traumatic because the tests didn’t work and he ended up with 5 heel prick tests in one night which upset him every time and was very stresssful for us too. Luckily an experienced midwife did the final test and was able to get the test to work – it all turned out fine, he was well below the level and is now fine and dandy.

Now we have him at home we’ve given him his first bath which he found to be very traumatic, haha. He just doesn’t like being undressed for nappy changes or baths or anything. He does have a few sore spots in the folds of his skin which I’m using Bepanthan on to sooth and heal.

I had taken the advice of blogs and articles I’d read to not buy any newborn clothes because they grow out of them so quickly. I did have two sleep suits from a jumble trail but that was it for newborn however, 0-3 months clothes are just huge! My mum kindly went out and grabbed some packs of sleep suits in newborn size from Mothercare until he grows into 0-3 month size, hopefully that won’t be long with all this cluster feeding but Newborn size is still quite large.

Baby goal no.27: introduce animal prints as soon as possible #newborn #animalprint #giraffe #babygro @mothercareuk

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Favourite products this week: Bepanthan, Always Ultra, Lanisoh, Netflix, Sleepsuits, Baby connect

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