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Three week post partum update

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I’ve been feeling much better this week, I just seemed to hit day 14 and the tears weren’t so eager to come out any more. The only tears I’ve had this week have been about breast feeding pain.

I’ve been really hungry and thirsty this week; I just want to snack constantly and not always healthy stuff either. I am eating lots of satsumas and bananas but also tortilla chips, pretzels, sweets and chocolates. I just want to eat everything while I’m breastfeeding, I need to make an effort to keep it more healthy so Sacha gets only goodness from my milk.

Andy returned to work on Monday so I’ve had my first full days on my own with the baby. I’ve visited a local Baby Brasserie support group and have lots of visitors lined up to keep me entertained.

My incision has been quite sore this week, I’ve considered going to the GP for more painkillers; I’m still alternating Paracetemol and Ibuprofen every four hours. I find that I get a prickly sensation across my tummy and it feels quite achey too. I’ve been trying to get out walking more which is supposed to help with the healing; it does still hurt my incision to walk but not as much as sitting around all day. Showers also help a lot to sooth with some hot water followed by some Bepanthan cream.

On Saturday we walked into the town centre to run some errands and grab some lunch from Baja (an amazing independent Mexican restaurant in Bedford), and on Sunday we walked down to the marina that is nearby our house. I’m planning on walking to meet Andy from work whenever the weather is good enough. My mum has kindly bought us a new pushchair that is compatible with our car seat too. Sacha seems to like the pushchair a lot, he just falls off to sleep once we get going. I’ve been looking at accessories to go with the new pram; black and white stripes are my ultimate weakness.

My bleeding seems to be gone now. I’ve stopped using the pads for a couple of days – thank goodness!

Height/Weight: I don’t have an up to date weight for Sacha this week but he was weighed by the midwife again before I was discharged and she said that he was gaining weight well. There is a regular session at my local family centre to go and get him weighed so I should probably visit every week so I can at least up date the blog!

Routine: We still don’t have a regular routine in the day, feedings and naps are very random. Some days he doesn’t nap at all unless it’s out in the pram. I thought newborns were supposed to sleep lots! I’m tracking everything on the Baby Connect app, which is becoming a bit of a chore however it does help me stay sane when he seems hungry again. I can check the last feed and reassure myself that it was at least an hour before.

Sleeping: We are still using the evening routine of bathing and cluster feeding. This does seem to result in a better nights sleep. He is now sleeping for 2-3 hour periods (sometimes 4 hours!), with a couple of feeds in the night. We only have enough cotton wool for one more bath so from next week I think we’ll be doing proper baths – scary stuff!

Eating/Feeding: Although my nips do seem to be coping a lot better this week, I have been having some deep breast pain which resulted in one really bad night this week. I was crying out in so much pain while he fed that we resorted to formula. I needed the rest so badly. We went out in the middle of the night to Tesco and bought a set of six Cow & Gate bottles that come with a steralised teat each.

Sacha didn’t seem to like the formula milk; it must taste different, it was room temperature and the teat was a completely new shape for him. He did drink it all down eventually and then slept for a full six hours.

Since then things have been a lot better; I have reverted to a feeding bra that is more soft and not so restrictive which seems to help with the pain along with using a hot flannel when I feed when the pain is bad. We haven’t had to use the formula again but it is good to know that it is there if the pain gets too much.

Every time I see a midwife about feeding they comment on my use of a pillow. On the sofa I use a regular pillow to support the baby while he feeds then if he drops off I can easily move him to the side to nap, in bed I’m using the arch pillow I used during pregnancy in a similar way but transferring him to the co-sleeper when he falls asleep. I know that many people recommend a boppy, so I might give one of those a try.

Size: We’re still in newborn clothes; I guess it’s good to get some wear out of them while we can! We’ve started to use some Aldi nappies in newborn size that were given to us by a friend because we were having some leaks in the Naty nappies, especially at night. They are quite convenient because they have a line to indicate if the nappy is wet or not on the outside.

Milestones: Andy has managed to get Sacha to stick out his tongue, and smile more too. I just seem to get concerned faces! I’ve downloaded the Wonder Weeks app which tells us that this week is a leap for his sensations. He does certainly seem more clingy and feeding a lot this week as predicted (although I don’t think feeding was ever less frequent).

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