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One month post partum update

Success is finding a moment to crochet #stylecraft #newparents #crochet #babyblanket

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This week was my first full work with Andy back at work leaving me on my own with Sacha at home. I’ve been to some breastfeeding support groups and to get him weighed at the family centre as well as having a few family and friend visits to keep me sane.

He has been better at being in his swing or bouncer this week so I can put him down and tidy up or do some crochet for up to two hours at a time which is bliss.

My incision has been better this week, it is still a little sore but I haven’t increased my pain killers; I’ve just been taking extra showers and that seems to help to stop it from getting prickly or too stinky.

I’m still suffering with deep breast pain. My support group leader sent me to the drop in center with suspected thrush but the GP that saw me said it definitely wasn’t. I just had to leave with no answer and nothing to help the pain. I’m not sure if the pain is easing or I’m just getting used to it but it is easier to cope with now, hopefully in the next two weeks it will be gone completely.

At night the pain can be really bad, I can’t sleep on the side I just fed on because it’s just too painful. I also find it especially difficult if Sacha wants to keep feeding after he’s had both sides, the pain is just too much to carry on.

This week I have been especially leaky, it used to be just a small amount when I was feeding from the opposite side however, now it’s more like puddles! I may have to start sleeping in my bra or on a towel, neither if which sounds very appealing.

Height/Weight: Although I went up to the family centre to get him weighed I forgot to pick up the piece of paper with the weight on so I don’t know what it was. I think it was 8lb 4oz, or 8lb 6oz but I can’t remember. He’ll get weighed at his 6 week check up so I’ll just wait until then to find out.

Routine: Here’s the routine that we seem to have so far…

7.30/8am: Wake up, nappy change and feed for 45 mins-1 hour. He then is in a good mood and awake enough to sit under his gym or on the bed and look out the window while I get dressed and grab some breakfast.

9am: We usually take a walk in the buggy to run errands or to a mum and baby group where he can feed for another 25 mins. If we had a bad night I try to use this time to sleep some more instead of going out.

11.30am/12pm: Back home for another nappy change and feed for 25-45 mins. After this he usually naps and I eat some lunch, do laundry and keep myself sane with some crochet.

1pm: If we’re having visitors they come about this time and Sacha will continue to nap in his swing and during cuddles.

2.30pm/3pm: Sacha wakes up for another nappy change and feed. This is when he is most likely to be groggy and it can be hard to get him to feed; he will often scream for an extended period before I can get him to latch on properly. I will catch up on last night’s TV during this time; War & Peace, Jericho and Call the Midwife are currently in my list to watch.

4pm: More awake time, I will put him under the baby gym or in the swing for a short period and we do tummy time if he is still in a good mood. This is a good time for me to get on the computer and do a little work if I can.

5pm/5.30pm: Andy Candy comes home from work and has cuddles. I will try and get a hot shower to try and ease the deep breast pain and clean my incision.

6pm: We feed for 25-45 mins while Andy makes dinner in the hope that we can put him in the swing or nap while we eat.

7.30pm: Andy and I take it in turns to bath Sacha. We are doing proper baths now with a bath seat. We wash him using the Naif baby wash and then use the matching body lotion to moisturise afterwards.

8pm: We do a fresh nappy and feed for at least 25-45mins, he will either drop off after the first feed which lets me have some time to relax with Andy until 10/11pm, or he will continue to cluster feed all evening until 12pm-1am. Typically, the worse the evenings are the better the nights are; he won’t wake up much if he’s fed a lot in the evening however that can be difficult to see at the time when I am sore and desperate to sleep.

2am/3am and 5am/5.30am: He wakes for a feed for 25-45 minutes. There will be a nappy changes in there too which can be tough because they wake him up so it’s a difficult balance to try to keep him sleepy.

Sleeping: I had one tough night again where I was very sore with deep breast pain and I resorted to a formula feed however, it didn’t have effect we were looking for. He didn’t sleep for the long period like he did last time, in fact he just stayed awake for ages until I breast fed again. Then he just slept for 3 hours and was really pukey the next day. I’m really reluctant to do that again, I don’t think formula top ups are the right answer for us.

One thing I have introduced this week (which I may come to regret!) is a dummy. Rather than letting him constantly feed from me until I am sore and crying I let him have both sides for a good period of time (up to two hours), then if he is still trying to feed I’m giving him a dummy (night time only). This has worked for the last two nights; he gets the sucking and soothing that he wants and I get the rest that I need before the next feed.

Hopefully using a dummy like this means I don’t get too sore and need to resort to formula again. I do plan to take the dummy away again at about 8 weeks once he discovers his thumbs.

Eating/Feeding: Sacha’s feeds are now typically 25 minutes long, last week they were 45 minutes and his first week they were an hour. He will then swap to the other side for 5-15 mins if he’s really hungry.

I had been exclusively using rugby hold until this week when I have introduced cross cradle at night time which seems to be more comfortable for night feeds. It means I don’t have to have so many cushions around me and it seems easier to feed this way when I am sleepy. However, I am finding it easier to stay awake during night feeds, especially because they don’t seem to go on for so long any more.

He has had a cold the past couple of days which makes his breathing difficult during feeds – he sounds like a little piggy! Hopefully that will clear up soon, it reminds me of Tim Minchin’s impression of a sleeping baby.

He has also been much more pukey this week. I’m not sure if this is from overeating or not being burped enough. This gives me an excuse to put him in cute dribble bibs though.

Size: He’s still in the newborn/1 month clothing but I really hope he starts to bust out of them in the next week. I did try him in some 1-2 month clothing though and it was huge! I am getting bored of the 10 baby gros we have now (especially because he can go through 3 in a day!) so hopefully we can start putting him in outfits soon. Nappies are still size 1, we’ve run out of the Aldi nappies now and are back to the Naty ones which aren’t as leaky so I guess he’s grown into them.

Milestones: I can put Sacha in his swing, bouncer or under the baby gym for longer periods now, he really likes looking out the window. Andy has been getting him to smile more and more, I finally managed to catch a smile on camera. He has managed to roll over a couple of times in his co-sleeper but maybe that’s just fluke? During tummy time he’s been holding his head up for a couple of seconds this week, lots of progress there.

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Unless something super exciting happens in the next week the next update will be the six week update.

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