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Six week post partum update

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We’re now in full swing being at home on our own. I’ve been going to mums groups regularly and had a few visitors to keep me entertained too. Mondays we go to a breast feeding support group which is just a few streets away from our house however, we’ve been the only ones attending so there’s not much chance to make some friends. Tuesdays we stay at home, Wednesdays we’ve had visitors, Thursdays we’ve been along to a crafty group and Fridays to a baby sensory group.

Sacha hasn’t been so good at going in his swing these last couple of weeks. He’s been quite clingy but apparently he’s been going through a growth spurt so it is to be expected that he will be grumpy during this time. With all the clinginess I’ve found it frustrating that I can’t make any progress on my crochet – especially when Andy is making a lot of progress on his hobbies.

Sacha has had a lot of reflux which can be really frustrating. He seems to feed for 25 minutes then puke it all up which makes him hungry again. It’s really scary when he pukes through his nose too – it can be quite projectile sometimes! It doesn’t seem to bother him at all though and I’ve ordered a natural reflux remedy to try this week.

I’ve been to the doctors again for my breast pain and they have taken swabs to test for thrush and other infections. Hopefully I’ll hear back soon to find out what is going on and I can finally get some treatment.

I have been showering every evening to help with the breast pain, however I’ve really noticed that I have quite bad BO at the moment. My normal deodorant just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore, not even with a spray top up. I’m not sure what to use instead but I have read that this often happens when you are breastfeeding.

Height/Weight: Last week the health visitor weighed Sacha and he was 9lb 1oz which puts him in the 50th percentile which I’m really happy with. That means all this breast feeding trouble has been worth it and I can be sure he’s getting what he needs from me.

Routine: Here’s the routine we’ve found in the last couple of weeks…

7.30/8am: Wake up, nappy change and feed for 45 mins. Sacha seems to be a morning person, he likes to lie under his baby gym or look out the window while I eat and get dressed.

9am: If we are going out to a baby group he will usually be awake on the walk there in his pram, then he’ll have 10-15 mins of being awake before he wants to feed and then nap in the pram on the way home. If it’s a Tuesday/Wednesday he sits in his bouncer while I blog and use the computer.

11.30am/12pm: Once we get back home he’s usually still asleep so I leave him in his pram while I make myself something to eat and try to get as much washing up/laundry/crochet done as I can.

1pm: Sacha wakes up for another nappy change and feed. He is still pretty grumpy in the afternoons. We usually just catch up on TV or watch a film while he feeds and screams his way through the afternoon.

4pm: If I can get him back into a good mood I’ll go on the computer, or play with him under his baby gym and do some tummy time. I usually try to feed him at 4.30pm so he’s full for when Andy gets home.

5pm/5.30pm: Andy Candy gets home from work and will keep Sacha entertained while I go into the shower – this is has been the only time I have where Sacha isn’t attached to me so I try to make the most of it.

6pm: We feed for 25 mins while Andy makes dinner and as Andy and I are now back to eating at the table we’ll put Sacha in his pram in the kitchen while we are eating. We can then push back and forth if he gets a little grumpy.

7.30pm: Andy has now taken over all baths and I do the lotion and massage after bath. Sacha still screams during a bath, especially when we wash his hair but as soon as he’s wrapped in a towel he loves it.

8pm: I have now stopped staying upstairs with Sacha all evening because I was getting down about not having any adult contact. We now dress him in a sleepsuit after the bath and take him back downstairs and watch TV. I keep feeding him as often as he wants (which isn’t the cluster feeding that it once was).

10pm: We come upstairs to bed and Sacha is usually asleep at this point so I can get changed, take off my make up and do my usual evening routine.

11pm/11.30pm: Sacha will wake for his final evening feed. This one is usually quite short 7-15mins but he will go straight to sleep afterwards so I make sure he is swaddled before we start to feed. He will now sleep for 3-4 hours.

3am/3.30am and 5am/5.30am: He wakes for a feed for 15 minutes and is back to sleep again for 1-2 hours. If there was a nappy leak I change him before we start to feed but usually he doesn’t need it. The nappies at night are just wet now and not dirty anymore.

Sleeping: Sacha is sleeping well and we are getting 6-8 hours a night with two feeds which is awesome. Hopefully they will go to one or no feeds in the night soon!

We haven’t had to use any formula again but I am still using a dummy. It seems to help him get back to sleep and saves me a lot of pain.

I find it much easier to wake up for night feeds now but in turn that has made it difficult for me to get back to sleep. The breast pain keeps me awake and I also am wide awake from the feed so it takes me a long time to settle again.

Eating/Feeding: Feeds are now 15-25 mins, hopefully we get down to 15 mins regularly soon. Occasionally he coughs and splutters so I guess that means my let down is good and strong.

I’ve been using cross cradle a lot more rather than rugby hold. However, rugby hold results in much less wind and reflux because he can be almost upright by the end.

The most frustrating part of feeding right now is how fussy he is; latching on and coming off repeatedly then crying in between. He seems to gulp down a lot of air when he comes on and off which probably gives him a lot of gas – hence the reflux. I hope that stops soon!

Size: We’ve now retired the newborn/1 month clothing and are in mostly H&M 1-2 month clothes. 0-3 months is still a little big – especially for bottoms.

We’ve moved on to Size 2 nappies which seem to cover a lot more of his back and tummy. We’re still having a few leaks but maybe that’s normal?

Milestones: We’re getting smiles quite regularly now. His neck is getting stronger and stronger through tummy time and he seems to be actively looking at his baby gym – even reaching towards the toys and hitting them.

Andy has almost got Sacha to giggle. He’s been giggling occasionally during his naps and he really seems to want to giggle sometimes but can’t quite work out how to do it.

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