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Two month postpartum update

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Two months?! Sounds such a short amount of time but also so long… we’ve made it so far!

Mondays we still go to the breast feeding support group that is nearby – every week there seems to be a new issue! Tuesdays we stay at home and only go out if we have something planned with friends, I try and stay in bed in the morning and catch up on some sleep. Wednesdays we now go to a baby massage class, last week I learned how to massage his legs and each week we will build up the massage routine. Thursdays we’ve been to a local NCT coffee morning as well as Sing and Sign classes, the first one was last week and again, Sacha slept through most of it but I’m looking forward to getting more confident with signs so he can eventually communicate with us before he talks. Fridays we go to baby sensory in the morning at the local family centre – last week Sacha wasn’t the youngest baby there for once so hopefully I’ll start to see more mums with babies of a similar age now he is a little older.

I’ve started to use my ring sling to carry Sacha whenever we go somewhere walking distance. He sleeps well in the sling and seems to like it a lot. I’ve joined a facebook group for baby wearing mamas – there are so many different types of sling it’s crazy! I am really happy with our ring sling though and feel like it’s ideal for newbies to babywearing. I’m thinking of getting a connecta or tula for the summer months too.

I’ve stopped using the Baby Connect app now and exchanged it for the Baby Feed app. Baby Connect was great at first to track feeds, nappies and sleep with its fancy graphs however, I prefer Baby Feed now that we are regularly getting 3-4 hours between night feeds. Baby Feed gives me an estimate of when the next feed will be which really helps me to look for the signs at the right time and know when he is crying for sleep instead of food.

This week I went out without the baby to my Stitch and Bitch group, just an hour between feeds but oh my goodness it felt so good to have a break. I’m hoping to keep that up and go back to every fortnight like I used to do so I can have a breather.

Height/Weight: I don’t have any updates on his height or weight but next week we have an appointment at the doctor for his 6-8 week check up and vaccinations too. I also get a check up on my c-section healing at the same time.

Routine: I’m feeling like we are actually getting into a predictable routine finally! Not a daily routine per se, but more an hour by hour routine. Here’s what it looks like:

6.30-7.30: Sacha will wake at some point and Andy will change his nappy before he gets ready for work. I then feed the baby and we start the day. After his feed he will be in a good mood for 30-40 minutes which I use to get dressed and put make up on.

We then have a 2-3 hour routine where Sacha will nap for 30-40 minutes, then feed for 15-25 minutes and then be awake and happy for 30-40 minutes. In between these times he can be pretty grumpy and refuse to eat or refuse to sleep but I’m hoping that will get better soon.

5-5:30: Andy gets home from work and starts on dinner after a good cuddle. We give Sacha a bath 2-3 times a week which he still doesn’t like very much but they aren’t quite the trauma that they used to be.

We then continue the 2-3 hour routine until I am falling asleep on the sofa about 10pm and we head up to bed.

Sleeping: Since we’ve been in the 2-3 hour routine Sacha usually only naps on me; it can take 30-40 minutes of rocking and sushing to get him to sleep from the first signs of sleepiness (yawning). I’m going to be working on getting him to nap independently in his cot or co-sleeper over the next few weeks. The times when Sacha doesn’t nap on me are when we’re out in the sling walking about, or in the car or pram.

In the evening Sacha will usually nap from around 8-9pm which I’m hoping will become part of his night time sleep eventually. He then wakes for a feed when we go to bed about 10-11pm and will sleep 2-4 hours between feeds so we get 2-3 feeds per night. This is getting better and better with longer between feeds and we don’t usually need to change his nappy in the night now.

Eating/Feeding: We’re still exclusively breastfeeding which is a miracle! He still has a big appetite with feeds lasting between 15-30 minutes. My raynaud’s is no longer as painful as before, my nips still change colour after feeds but I don’t need painkillers any more and the pain doesn’t keep me up at night.

He has been very fussy at the breast and even striking from feeds which is really frustrating. I called the La Leche League helpline last week who suggested that I might have a forceful letdown which makes him gassy and refuse to feed periodically. I’ve been using a dummy to start feeds and then quickly swapping in my breast in order to get him to latch on but that’s not going to be a long term solution so we need to find some way to sort things out soon.

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Size: Sacha mainly wears 1-2 months clothing at the moment. 0-3 month baby gros fit him well but the bottoms in that size are huge. 0-3 month sleepsuits are well fitting, almost getting too small but it’s all in his height, he is nowhere near filling 0-3 months in his waist. We are still wearing size 2 nappies. I have bought some size 3 just in case but they seem to be way too big.

Milestones: We can now get smiles whenever he is in a good mood quite predictably. Giggles are becoming more frequent too. Sacha also interacts well with the toys on his baby gym and bouncer – he will deliberately look at them and bat at the toys which I think is earlier than expected.

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