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Three month postpartum update

When the babe learns to play with the things you made for them 💙💛💜 #babytoys #sewtiny #handmade #sewing #crafting

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Just after my last postpartum update we had an eight week check (actually happened on week nine) which showed that Sacha had gone down a percentile line. When he was born he was on the 50th centile, but at 8/9 weeks he was on the 25th which the nurse and doctor told me not to worry about but to keep an eye on things in case he went down to the 9th centile.

So I have been going to get him weighed at the local family centre every week since. The first week showed that he had lost a lot of weight from the week before which panicked me but after some investigation and a call to the doctor’s it turns out that the nurse had marked him incorrectly on the chart and in fact he had already gone below the 9th centile at the 8 week check.

Luckily, I had requested some Infant Gaviscon due to his pukeyness and constant hiccups, I had also bought some formula for top up feeds just in case. These things combined have really helped him to put on weight and he is now above the 9th centile line again. I’m now going to check his weight once a month and hopefully we’ll see a more steady increase.

Sacha has been losing his hair since last month – at first it was just at the sides and looked like a mohawk but now it is all across the back too, except for a tuft at the base of head like a little mullet. There’s still plenty on top too; he looks like a reverse Danny Devito!

I have also been losing a lot of hair. I didn’t notice a difference in how much I lost during pregnancy or a difference in the thickness but it is now coming out in handfuls when I comb it in the shower.

We have now finished the baby massage and sing & sign courses. I really enjoyed baby massage and am using the massage routines very regularly now. The signing classes were good but a bit of a shock – they are very much aimed at entertaining the baby which I don’t think Sacha was ready for when we first went. We’ve still been going to the free sessions at the family centre for breastfeeding support, weigh-ins and baby sensory too.

Unfortunately I’ve had to stop using the Baby Feed app because it kept crashing so we’re back to Baby Connect but as I’ve been more focused on his sleeping this past month it was probably the right app to use anyway.

As well as going out to my Stitch and Bitch group in the pub every other week my mum has also been coming down to look after the baby and give Andy and I some time alone. The first time Andy and I went out to the cinema and the next time we just went into town for some lunch at Baja. It felt so good to get some time together, I think we’ve both missed it a lot.

Height/Weight: At the eight week check he was 59cm tall. Due to the weight issues I have been taking Sacha to be weighed at the family centre every week. Last week he was 5.05kg or 11lb 2oz.

Routine: The routine over the last few weeks has looked like this…

6.30-7.30: Sacha wakes up, Andy changes his nappy and then he feeds for 15-25 minutes. Morning is still the best time for his mood so I can usually brush my teeth, get dressed and put some make up on (if we are going somewhere) without much fuss.

9.30-10: In the mornings we usually go out to a class or mum group. If at all possible I will walk with Sacha in the sling but some days if we’ve had a bad night we will take the pram instead to save my back.

11-12: We get back and Sacha will usually be asleep so I try and make my lunch and do a bit of tidying before he wakes up.

1-4: We chill out and watch TV. Sacha will feed, play and nap in a 2-3 hour cycle.

5-5:30: Andy gets home from work and has cuddles. If we are giving Sacha a bath that night we’ll both head upstairs to help each other, this time includes some baby massage and reading a book to Sacha too. He really loves listening to Andy read to him, sometimes he can even make it through a second round.

6-7: We sit in the kitchen while Andy makes dinner and listen to the radio. I try to put Sacha in the moses basket while we eat which usually works but sometimes we have to do dinner in shifts while one person holds the baby.

8-10: I try to put Sacha down in his co-sleeper if he seems hungry or sleepy. It’s still early days to get him to sleep at this time without being on me but I’m hopeful that we’ll get there.

10-11: Andy and I head up to bed, do one last nappy change and then try to get as much sleep as we can. Typically Sacha will sleep until 2-3am, wake for a feed then wake every 1-1.5 hours after that for more milk.

Sleeping: We have been working over the last month to get Sacha to sleep independently. His favourite spot to nap is still on me however I have successfully been getting him to sleep in his cot or a Moses basket that I have borrowed from my friend Lizzie. This is still a work in progress and doesn’t work every time but we’ll continue to work on it.

Night times are pretty strange at the moment. He has had a couple of nights where he slept for five hours in a row! The first time he did that I had to wake him up to feed because I felt so full of milk. However, other nights he has woken every hour which is exhausting. Baths and baby massage don’t seem to guarantee a good nights sleep unfortunately but I’m hoping this is the start of full nights of sleep.

The main culprit that seems to wake him up is his reflux and pukeyness. He gets distressed from having a sore tummy and violently pukes which wakes him up. Then the best thing to calm him is to breastfeed but that just creates more for him to puke up again – a viscous cycle. Hopefully he will grow out of the reflux very soon, I have definitely noticed that he is less pukey at night but I can’t wait for it to end completely.

We don’t need to change his nappy at night anymore however Sacha has been harder to get back to sleep. He used to just wake, feed and then fall straight back to sleep but he has been wide awake for hours some nights just chatting away or repeatedly pushing his dummy out and whinging for it to be put back in.

Eating/Feeding: We are no longer exclusively breastfeeding due to the weight issues. I have introduced a bottle of formula at lunch times to help with his weight gain. We are also using Infant Gaviscon to stop him from being so pukey. As soon as we started using formula and the Gaviscon he seemed to fill out and appeared much more healthy.

For the formula feeds we are using Hipp Organic 1 with the Gaviscon mixed in, not every day, but whenever is convenient – mostly just one bottle of 5oz but sometimes we give him two bottles. This has meant that Andy can feed the baby too which is so nice to see them bonding while Sacha feeds.

My Raynaud’s is still there but I don’t feel any pain now, thank goodness! Feeds usually last 10 minutes; 25 minutes for super long feeds in the evening or first thing in the morning. He does still feed a lot though with 1-2 hours between feeds, perhaps because of a recent growth spurt?

Latching on is much easier now, he is usually eager to feed and I no longer need to trick him into it with a dummy. He will still come on and off a lot though which is annoying but no where near as frustrating as it used to be. The feeding strikes seem to have stopped too.

Size: Sacha fits well in 2-4 month clothes and some 3-6 months. He is still small on his bottom half so usually wears 1-2 months because 2-4 months are still big and 3-6 months are all huge. He has moved up to size 3 nappies – size 2 do still fit but size 3 mean less leaks.

Milestones: Smiles and giggles come every day now, all the time. He is actively playing with his toys, especially the ones I have made for him like “Ozzy the Owl”, if you hold Ozzy by the ear Sacha will bat at the face to make the bell jingle. Sacha also loves his chain of links that I picked up from a jumble sale.

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