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Four month postpartum update

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This month has been plagued by hair loss for me, the sides of my hair are really noticeable and the top is very thin so I’m now wearing a bandana or head scarf every day to disguise the issue. It is still coming out in handfuls in the shower, hopefully that will come to an end soon or I might not have any hair left!

Sacha’s hair has all grown back around the sides very quickly but he is now getting a few bald spots on the top. Hopefully they will grow back just as quickly too.

We haven’t been getting out quite so much this last month, we’ve just been going to the free mum & baby groups whenever it is convenient but nothing on a regular basis. One the weekends Andy and I have managed one date day where we went out to the cinema to find the film was sold out so we ended up playing pitch and putt at Russell Park in Bedford.

Since introducing a nap schedule and bed time of 7.30/8pm this has meant that I struggle to get out in the evenings for my craft group or any other social activities. I have however been to work for a keep in touch day – it was really good to have half a day where there was no risk of someone throwing up on me! It made me miss work a lot.

Sacha seems to be teething now, he’s had diarrhea for a couple of weeks which the doctor couldn’t explain but now his cheeks are showing redness too. He has been drooling a lot for the last month and biting on everything he can get his hands on, including my fingers which is very cute. I can’t feel any teeth coming through yet but maybe soon!

Height/Weight: This month was a positive month for Sacha’s weight, he is consistently following half way between the 9th and 25th centile line. Last time we measured Sacha he was 60cm in length – not much growth since his birth. Last week’s weight was 13lb 8oz – still not doubled his birth weight yet but nearly there.

Routine: We have been trying to work to a 4 hour E.A.S.Y. routine as featured on Noob Mommy blog. However, Sacha gets up a bit earlier than the sample routine suggests so it looks more like this…

6am: Wake up and feed for 10-15 minutes

8am: Nap in his crib

9am: Wake & feed for 10 minutes

If we are going to baby sensory or coffee morning we head out in the morning and I try to pick up some lunch on the way home. We will walk or drive to the supermarket or do some other errands on days when we haven’t got something on.

12/1pm: Nap in his pram while we go out for a walk or in the car. I try and extend this nap for as long as possible but I always make sure he is awake by 3pm.

3pm: Feed for 10 minutes

4:30/5pm: Short nap on my lap while I watch TV

5:30/6pm: Feed for 10 minutes

7pm: Bath every two days followed by a book read by Daddy and some baby massage too.

7:30pm: Feed for 10 minutes and off to sleep – this can be a hard feed because he is usually very tired.

9pm: If Sacha wakes around this time it is usually easier to feed him and we feed for around 15-20 minutes.

10:30pm: If Sacha hasn’t woken since he was put down I will give him a dream feed for 10-15 minutes.

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Sleeping: Sacha has still been waking at least twice a night. In the last week this has become every 1.5 hours again due to teething. He’s become very hard to put back down after a night feed, it can take up to an hour to put him back down again. This means we are now co-sleeping in our bed because Sacha will stay asleep more easily if he is put down next to me on our bed rather than in his co-sleeping crib.

Naps are quite regular now and I can usually make him stay down for at least one long nap a day. Naps in his crib or cot are still only 45 minutes to an hour though.

We have got a handle on the reflux since we were prescribed Renitidine which Sacha takes three times a day. This has stopped the pukeyness at night so at least that is one win!

Eating/Feeding: Since Sacha’a weight has been more consistent we are now back to exclusive breast feeding. Feeds now last 10 minutes, 15 minutes if he is feeling extra hungry. Feeds are now on a four hour schedule through the day and I find following this means he rarely cries for food anymore.

The fussiness isn’t so bad anymore, he still has it occasionally when he is ready for his next dose of medicine but definitely not as stressful as it once was.

Size: We are firmly in 3-6 month clothes (tops and bottoms) and also using some 4-6 month clothes too. We are still using size 3 nappies.

Milestones: Sacha can now turn over from his tummy to his back. Not every time but most times – so cute! His favourite toys include a jingle clutch ball, a rainmaker, a crinkly taggy blanket that I made and his chain links.

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