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Five month postpartum update

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The biggest thing to happen since last month is that I’ve gone back to work part time. I just wasn’t happy staying at home every day – I don’t know how stay at home mum’s do it, they are hard core! I’ve been feeling so much better in myself and it really helps me appreciate the time I have with my baby. I just need more of a routine and two and a half days at work every week is the perfect balance.

Sacha has been going to a local nursery that is attached to a Forest School while I’m at work. He has settled really well – he is so happy and smiley when I drop him off in the mornings. I’m glad that I’ve been able to get some time away to feel more balanced in myself but yet still look after him more than anyone else.

Reading over last month’s post I sound so sad and I was able to recognise that in myself so as well as going back to work I’ve also started cognitive behavioural therapy sessions to help me deal with my low moods. I really like that our sessions don’t focus on any past trauma (like an emergency c-section with general anaesthetic), but instead on how it is affecting me that week and what I can do to cope better. I’ve become a lot more positive about my own skills as a parent and more motivated to get out and do things with the baby.

My hair is just starting to grow back now but I’m still using head scarves every day. Whereas Sacha’s hair is now completely blonde in all the sunshine – no more dark hair like me. Boooo!

Sacha’s teething has calmed down, I’m sure his diarrhea last month was from teething. But we still don’t have any teeth showing yet. He often chews his dummy on the side so perhaps his first teeth will come from the back?

Sacha loves us to read to him, he now reaches out for the pages and laughs after we read each page. I hope he’s going to be a keen bookworm. He’s even managed to make Goodnight Moon enjoyable for us (I found it a bit trippy before)!

Height/Weight: Last time I weighed Sacha a couple of weeks ago he has reached 15lb 7oz which was above the 25th centile line. We’re still a little all over the place in terms of centile lines but I’ve given up worrying as long as he is putting on weight.

Routine: We are still roughly working to a 4 hour EASY routine:

5am: Wake up and feed for 10 mins (Andy and I take it in turns to take the baby off while the other one sleeps)

7am: Another 10 min feed and 40 minute nap in his crib while I get ready

8am: Leave for nursery if it’s a work day

Now that it’s summer we usually have plans to meet friends or visit somewhere during the day. We haven’t been going to any classes lately because we always seem to have something on. I’ve been meaning to go to another baby sign class but we always seem to be busy and unable to make it. I feed on demand as and when Sacha wants to.

1pm: Nap in cot or in the pram if we are out at the park.

3pm: feed for 5-10 mins

4:30/5pm: Short nap in cot or moses basket

5:30/6pm: Feed for 5-10 mins

6:30pm: Sit in the high chair while Andy and I eat

7pm: Bath on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays, followed by baby massage and Andy reading a book.

7:30pm: Feed for 5 mins until asleep.

8:30pm: Top up feed because he was too sleepy to feed properly earlier.

11pm: Feed for 10 mins.

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Sleeping: The four month sleep regression hit us hard, most nights Sacha was waking every 1-2 hours but this week we seem to be back to waking at 11pm, 3am and then every hour after that. We have been putting him in his cot in his room at 5am when he doesn’t want to go back to sleep, just to get another 30 mins-1 hour extra snooze time in the morning.

Naps are still 45 minutes unless it’s really warm on that day when he can sleep for much longer.

Eating/Feeding: We are still breastfeeding, hooray! I can’t believe I’ve made it this long. Feeds are 5-10 minutes long and although Sacha isn’t fussy anymore he still takes pauses between his sucks – he’ll lean back to breath or swallow or take a look at the room before coming back for more. This is style I guess, I can’t seem to find any other reason for it!

When Sacha is at nursery he has Hipp Organic formula in Tommee Tippee bottles. I pump at work but I struggle to get even 2 oz in a day whereas Sacha drinks over 7-8oz twice a day when he’s at nursery. If I manage to pump a lot I’ll give it to him in the evening.

Size: We are in a funny stage at the moment where 3-6 month tops are a little small but 6-9 are quite big so I’m using a bit of both. Bottoms are still 3-6 months. 4-6 month clothes fit well but we don’t have many of those. Size 3 nappies are still going strong.

Milestones: Sacha stopped turning over for a while but he seems to be turning both front to back and back to front again this week. His favourite toys are his Ikea cat rattles, crinkly taggy blanket and his new Jumperoo that we picked up at a car boot sale.

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