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How many clothes should I buy for baby?

Taking stock for the babe #winterbaby #genderneutral

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When I was pregnant and buying for the baby it was really hard to know how much to buy. I devised a little capsule list of baby clothes so that I have everything the baby would need, but also have room for gifted outfits from friends and family.

For each age range I bought the following…

2x Hoodies or Cardigans
1x Denim shirt (goes with everything)
1x Coat (or Snowsuit if you’re a pram lover)
4x Sleepsuits
3x Leggings (plain colours like navy, red and grey)
4x White baby gro (Kimono style ones are the best)
4x Patterned baby gro
3x Hats
6x Socks (one pack of multiple colours)

My list is based on Jessica Hische‘s baby list but with my own twist on things. We don’t have the luxury of San Francisco weather, in fact I needed to consider  British winter for when Sacha was born.

There are some lessons I have learned since using this list. Firstly, you don’t really need to buy outfits for the first three months; most people just keep their babies in sleepsuits at this age. I was usually the only one with a baby in seperates. Lots of people keep the sleepsuits up past three months too but I got too bored by that stage – I wanted cute outfits!

Secondly, European sizes rule! 0-3 months is a massive range; babies probably double in size during that time. Instead I preferred H&Ms sizing of 0-1 months, 1-2 months, 2-4 months and 4-6 months. Some other shops follow this sizing too including Polarn O. Pyret and I found some things in TK Max too but unfortunately not enough for me to use this sizing exclusively.

Thirdly, if you going with patterned tops and hoodies stick to plain bottoms. I have found loads of cute leggings in funky patterns but they are so hard to pair with other things because my tops and hoodies are mainly patterned too. If you don’t mind a clashing baby then go ahead but I like things matchy matchy!

Fourthly, don’t rely on your baby fitting in the same size tops and bottoms at the same time. Sacha is currently in 6-9 month tops and 3-6 month bottoms. Thankfully following this list to create a capsule means that the different age ranges can be mixed.

Finally, I tried to go for gender neutral items so I can reuse them (IF there is a) next time or easily resell them to anyone. Most gifted outfits were very much blue for boy though so Sacha doesn’t dress gender neutral all the time.

By following this minimal list means I can keep everything from each age range in one Malm sized drawer and I was able to buy almost a years worth of clothes while I was still pregnant, spreading the costs across several months. My only difficulty now is that I really miss the baby designs – the older he gets the less I like the outfits that are made for his age range – I’m dreading age 2 when it all seems to be garish cartoons and Star Wars!


  1. Lizzie George

    You’re way more organised than me – which is why I’ve probably ended up with about twenty spare pairs of crazily decorated leggings and tights that don’t match any tops. Buying plain coloured baby girl tights is almost impossible without being in a multipack with very patterned ones – there is definitely a gap in the market I think!

  2. Christina

    Plain clothes are hard for all I think. You’re right in that they only really come in multi packs.


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