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  2. Cotton Anniversary Ideas


    Today is our second wedding anniversary! Woohoo! That means almost 9 years in total. Wowzers. Second wedding anniversary is considered the cotton anniversary so here’s some of the things I’ve been considering as a cotton anniversary gift. Cotton seems like the perfect excuse for a DIY or craft gift, I tried to combine that idea with Andy’s love for maps and my love for initials/type which resulted in lots of ideas to choose from.

    1 Cotton Candy necklace // 2 Cross stitch portrait // 3 Map fabric // 4 Embroidered art // 5 Personalised cushion cover // 6 Embroidered map hoops


  3. What to do with your wedding stuff after your wedding


    This coming week is our second wedding anniversary which means our wedding was, like, AGES AGO, and I really should stop going on about it now but there are a few of things I wasn’t able to find advice on anywhere else on the interwebs that I thought I might share my advice for. Number one being what to do with all the wedding paraphanalia after the wedding.

    Once the big day was over we had a couple of big boxes of leftovers (as well as all the glorious photos from family/friends and the official photographer). This included: a bag full of ribbons from our backdrops; scraps of fabric from my dress and the bridesmaids dresses; all the lovely notes and cards people sent us;  all of the left over favours, menu cards and order of service cards; chalk boards and frames and way way more.

    These were all things we had crafted ourselves especially for the wedding, they were the tangible elements to the whole day. I didn’t want to throw them away, but also I didn’t want them to stay stuck in a box to be forgotton forever. So, here’s what we did with some of them:

    1. Give away framed photos as gifts

    Our wedding was at the end of August, we got our photos back about a 8 weeks later, just in time to print them for Christmas. Now, we were aware that this could be seen as the biggest ego trip ever but we tried to be a little balanced and chose to give photo gifts to only our close family members who we were pretty confident would have liked a nice set of photos from the day.

    We gave framed photos as Christmas gifts to our parents and grandparents, alongside more personal gifts and in all situations we gave one large photo which featured the gift reciever (e.g. Grandparents got a whole family photo with uncles, aunties, cousins and all) and a smaller photo of just Andy and I. My mum actually felt that two wasn’t enough and ended up with about 10 photos. We also gave Andy’s parents access to all of the digital photo files so they could print as many as they would like for themselves. Perhaps we underestimated how many photos our family really wanted?

    We bought the frames inexpensively from Ikea. I always buy white frames for everything because I think a frame should be almost invisible to let the photgraphy or art shine out. These frames have just enough detail to be cute, but not too ornate.


    2. Make a scrapbook

    What better way to keep all of the cards and guest notes than in a scrapbook? I tried to fit all of the cards in the scrapbook but there were just too many to keep the scrapbook in decent shape so I created a wedding card book (with ribbon from the backdrops) for all of the cards that couldn’t fit. Now we have a lovely way to save the cards and notes forever.

    Our scrapbook also features all of the printed material I designed for the wedding including save the date cards, invitations, orders of service and menu cards. I’ve ordered them in the scrapbook as you would receive them and included the envelopes and paper bags to try and display them as our guests would have seen them.

    Once the wedding stuff was all in Andy used the rest of the scrapbook pages for our honeymoon. There are plane tickets, Ubahn tickets, museum tickets and more to document everything we got up to in Berlin.


    3. Frame original artwork

    All of the printed material I designed for the wedding featured a beautiful illustration of Andy and I by my talented wifey Taynee Tinsley. I printed this out onto card and it makes a stunning, personalised artwork for our walls.

    I’m really big on personalised artwork in the home. Of course, it doesn’t have to be images ourselves, but concert posters, DIY artwork and crafts all make lovely additions to a home and make sure we look after them very carefully because they are so personal.


    4. Frame anything else you possibly can

    Continuing on the personalised artwork, I also framed a scrap of the patterned fabric that the bridesmaids wore (pink and green, of course!) and the button badges that we had as favours for our guests. These haven’t made it up onto the wall yet, I just need to find the right house with the right nook for them but I’m happy to keep them until then.

    I also wanted to frame the scrabble tiles that Andy had on his cufflinks but unfortunately one went missing – I’m hoping to pick up a replacement when I can at a charity shop or vintage fair, one day!


    5. Make a sillhouette

    This idea I found in the Young House Love book that Andy bought for me the Christmas after our wedding. The book offers instructions to do this with paper and scissors but I went with the second option to make it in Photoshop. I’m sure most people could do a better job then I have but hopefully you get the idea!

    The original photo was taken by our friend Sandra at the ceremony. She was able to shoot a different perspective while our official photographer was at the front for our first kiss as a married couple. It makes the perfect shot for a silhouette image, and another personalised artwork for our wall.


    6. Print a wedding album

    Yes, this is quite obvious, but in fact we didn’t do this till over a year after our wedding. I think we were still recovering physically, mentally and financially and time just flew by. Having all the photos as digital files also meant we were quite spoiled and barely noticed that we didn’t have a physical copy.

    A friend recommended Albelli‘s website who produce beautiful photo books. I downloaded the app and spent a week of evenings choosing from the layouts that Albelli provide to produce awesome results.

    We have kept a large version of the album for best, along with our scrapbook and other keepsakes. Again, we gave smaller versions to parents and grandparents, my sister even asked for her own copy which I wasn’t expecting (‘m sure she has probably drawn mustaches on all the photos). I also have a small version for myself to pop in my bag if I happen to visit friends or relatives that we haven’t seen since the big day. People still ask to see photos now, after almost two years.



    Why did I not think of this before? I love this so much! Any photos that you have in a succession will all make the perfect animation such as the first kiss, walking away, bouquet toss (do people still do that?). I used Photoshop’s Animation panel in frame view because I’m old and for me that is the easiest way I know to make animated gifs.

    Can you spot the moment when Andy’s mum puts confetti down my cleavage?!



    All of these ideas have really helped to make sure the small details of our wedding won’t be forgotton. I love seeing our personalised artwork around the house and knowing we have some beautiful keepsakes forever.

    Of course, we do still have lots more things we could be doing something with. I gave one of the ribbon backdrops to Taynee for her kiddies to play with, and I’m sure I should have those beautiful chalk signs up on my walls. Here’s some more ideas that I haven’t done yet: make a ribbon canopy over our bed, make ribbon artwork, turn our wedding song or reading into personalised art.

    I’m really interested in doing something with the remainder of my wedding dress fabric but I’m not sure what yet. Perhaps a blouse? In fact, as have started dressmaking recently perhaps that’s not such a pie in the sky idea…


  4. Hipster wedding

    I’m not sure we qualify hipster and I’m really not sure whether that is a good thing or a bad thing. One thing I am sure about, there were not many beards at our wedding and in my opinion that can only be a good thing. From Refinery 29.


  5. Best calligraphy fonts

    Hiring a caligrapher to address our wedding invites was one thing that we really couldn’t stretch to. I couldn’t even justify buying another font to print the addresses and then going over them in pen but that is one thing that I would have loved to have done.

    This collection of calligraphy fonts from Besotted Blog are perfect for addressing envelopes. Many even come with the flourishes that you would only usually see from a professional calligrapher. My favourites from the list are Nelly Script, Jacques & Gille and Bombshell Pro.

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  6. (Un)subscribe

    Today (a little sadly) I will be unsubscribing to the fabulous wedding blogs that I have followed since Christmas, not because I don’t want to follow them anymore but because I’m no longer a bride-to-be and well, I don’t think Andy would be too keen if I started planning another whole wedding again. One of Andy’s biggest reliefs after the wedding was that we didn’t have to plan one anymore.

    Back in January, when we first got engaged I posted a list of the sites that I planned to subscribe to and the list grew and grew as we got closer to the big day.

    • Ruffled blog – the weddings featured here are all visually stunning, every post that I visited was so aspirational and very modern.
    • 100 Layer Cake has more highly creative weddings to peruse on Layer Cake. I found the posts great for classicly styled weddings with hints of DIY, bright pops of colour and beautiful florals.
    • Green Wedding Shoes consistently had the most posts that I loved and often bookmarked. Lots of vintage influence and rustic charm. Heaps of outdoor ceremonies to drool over. I love the call outs that Green Wedding Shoes does on each post where the couple share extra details and tips for planning.
    • Once Wed – I love once wed for their DIY and advice posts, their ideas were always the best – creative with lovely results and easy to achieve. I referred back to their Watermelon inspiration board all the way through our planning stages.
    • Rock n Roll Bride feature such a variety of wedding styles, all really unique to the couple and I found so many of them to be inspirational to our wedding, even if that inspiration was just that we should do it our way. The Thursday Treats series became one of my favourite things to read because it summarises some of the best wedding-related posts from across the blogosphere from the past week.
    • Adore by Chloe – I started to follow Chloe for her lovely and simple DIY projects, as well as the fact that Chloe is local to me so could recommend some fantastic suppliers.
    • Utterly Engaged is an online magazine as opposed to a blog and it was nice to have a bit of relief to the typical blog posts. The only down side is that you can’t really pin or share the photos from the magazine pages but every issue has been stunning.
    • Save the Date magazine is a print mag that is based on the East Midlands and features lots of great local suppliers and real weddings from the local area. Their Wedding Event with a Difference was the only wedding fair we went to and I still think it was the best choice for the area we live in. Through Save the Date’s blog we also found Peach Blossom who supplied many of our decorations and our videographers, Enter The Treehouse.

    I wholly recommend all of these sites for any bride-to-be, they will inspire and delight you along every step of the way and don’t forget to take a look through their archives too because many give excellent advice on all areas of wedding planning.


  7. Table numbers

    We’ve been madly designing, printing and putting together all of our stationary today. We’ve chosen 3D numbers for the tables from Decopatch but this design would have fit perfectly with the rest of our designs – it’s even the same font we have used. So simple and effective, just like the rest of this wedding photographed by Birds of a Feather (check out the beautifully¬† mismatched vintage chairs).


  8. British barns

    Finding inspirational weddings that take place in barns in the UK are actually quite difficult to find. This wedding featured on Rock n Roll Bride is a beautiful example of what the British countryside has to offer. I love all of the photos on industrial backgrounds and can’t wait to have a few of these photos on our wedding day (just over a week away!).


  9. More pink ties

    I love this shot from an inspiration shoot featured on Ruffled blog. The pink tie with grey suit – a favourite of mine – but with a super cute button hole. I especially like the bow on the button hole, ties it all together – in every sense.


  10. Pink ties

    I love this shot featured on Ruffled blog of a groom wearing a pink tie with white shirt and grey suit. Not too dissimilar to my own groom’s outfit.

    Andy tried on his ensemble this week and looks super smart. It’s all coming together now – more formal than I was expecting but perfectly us.